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Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each student can develop the mental, emotional, and physical skills necessary to become a productive and contributing member of society.

Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Boys

  • Liahona Academy has been helping troubled boys and their families since 2001 and is among the top residential treatment centers in the nation.  Liahona Academy's therapeutic program is based on the effective philosophy of a keen balance between "love and discipline".  At Liahona, we believe that boys thrive in an environment of "love" and "discipline". Moreover, we believe that boys respond to the help offered when they feel loved, respected and responsible.
  • At Liahona Academy, the balance between unconditional love (respect) and accountability (discipline) has been demonstrated to be the perfect combination. Boys respect those who expect "greatness" from them and these boys tend to live up to expectations, both good and bad.
  • Boys appreciate those who will hold them accountable; sending the message, "you have what it takes to be great". Over the years we have restored thousands of troubled boys and their families through "love and discipline". Our proven results speak for themselves.



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Parents of Troubled Boys


You are not alone and we can help! If your son is self-destructing... lying, skipping classes, defying authority, depressed, angry, abusing drugs and alcohol, hanging out with the wrong kids... he is most likely struggling at home and at school, and he is now becoming desperate. Contact us because we have the answers.


If your troubled teen is acting out, emotionally immature, making one poor choice after another...we have the solution. Its as simple as this...speak with some of our former or current families and find out exactly how effective we are. We will help you to contact our former or current students and/or families and we encourage you to listen to their stories of success and restoration.


If you are a parent needing help with your troubled teen, please take action now and give us a call at 1-800-675-8101. Our goal is to provide parents of troubled teens with therapeutic support and academic services to help their struggling boy.


At Liahona Academy, we believe that some troubled boys need to be removed from their current environment (removed from negative friends and poor influences). Sometimes a clean break and a fresh start is needed to receive help. We have found that some troubled boys cannot progress or improve without a total break and fresh start.

Assess your
struggling teen's behavior

How do I know if my child needs a Residential Treatment Center for troubled boys? Are you unsure or unaware of the signs and symptoms of troubled teens? Let us help you assess and verify your child's specific situation. Allow our professional Admissions Counselors to help you determine the best course for your family.

troubled teens behavior
we help with


  • Problems at home (lying, defiant toward parental authority)
  • Poor Academic performance (skipping class, poor grades, missing credits)
  • Behavioral or emotional issues (anger outbursts, isolated, withdrawn, anxious, shutdown)
  • Substance Abuse or Addictions
  • Depression
  • Threatening suicide

Parent Testimonials

Susan P
from Tennessee
It is not an easy decision for a parent to place a child in someone else’s care and custody. After conducting two weeks of personal research, I chose Liahona as the best facility for my son’s needs.
I recommend Liahona Academy and Clay AhQuin to any parent struggling with a troubled teen. They are honest and sincerely concerned about the boys in their program. The staff are the most compassionate and caring people. Thank you for everything you did!"
Kenny G
Former Governor of Nevada
from Texas
I quickly chose Liahona Academy, for the following reasons:1) it was an all boy school, 2) the program runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3) the location was distant from the bad influences, and 4) with my son being cared for properly.

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