Liahona Academy's Mission Statement

Liahona Academy is known by educational consultants and other behavioral health professionals as a premier residential treatment center for troubled boys.  Liahona Academy serves boys who are struggling with defiance, depression, anxiety, academics, poor peer choices, substance abuse, and other self-harming behaviors.  Liahona is an experiential therapy program with strong academics, specializing in grade repair and credit recovery.  Liahona is built on the positive peer culture therapeutic approach, and offers a college preparatory academic curriculum.

When it comes to residential treatment, Liahona is different. We are set apart from other programs, offering significantly more than the rest.  We are proud of the success our students and families have enjoyed over the last decade.  The best way to get to know about Liahona's success is to hear directly from our past students and parents.  Call today and speak with an Admissions Counselor (800-675-8101) and receive a list of parent references. We encourage you to contact and listen to what our current students and former student's families have to say about us.

"...As a residential treatment center for troubled boys, we believe that love combined with consistency, delivered in a safe environment, is the key to changing the hearts of troubled young men.  Unconditional acceptance (love) and consistency (fair and firm discipline) in a safe (physically and emotionally safe) setting are the key ingredients to formulating a true heart change..."

The Right Therapeutic Intervention for Troubled Boys

We truly understand that the adolescent years can be a trying time for some families.  We have worked with thousands of parents, teens, and siblings of troubled teens, and their stories of hardship and ultimate success are built on a solid foundation. Liahona is the "therapeutic intervention" that has helped literally thousands of kids and families restore their hope.  We help families by giving them a fresh start.  Both the troubled boy and the family are given a healthy time out, and a "new opportunity".

Liahona presents a refreshing and stimulating environment grounded on a positive structure. At Liahona Academy the inappropriate behaviors are met with empathy and fair consequences, while good behavior is rewarded immediately.  The Liahona students often comment on the "safety" of the environment where they know what is expected, and they also know they will be treated with respect while being held accountable for their choices (both good and bad).  At Liahona Academy greatness is expected, and the clear message that "you have what it takes" is presented in all that we do.

Our program’s design is based on academics, therapy, behavior modification, positive peer culture, recreation, and vocational training. We feel that this combination is an effective formula for bringing out the best in your child. For more information about our program please click here.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education; while continuing to implement what we believe to be one of the highest forms of education... VALUES. Responsibility, accountability, self-respect, and integrity are characteristic behavioral traits that show how intelligent we are. We will teach each boy the traits that will lead him to a greater understanding, motivation, and desire for lasting positive direction.