​Average Ages of Teen Boys Treated At Liahona Residential Treatment Center

Many parents are worried when they send their teen to Liahona that they will be exposed to much older, more experienced boys during the program. It is true that the ages of admission are 12 - 17, which raises some alarms for younger boys. We have a fairly even combination of ages within that range admitted at any given time.

What If I Don’t Want My Child Exposed To Older/Younger Boys?

For those with younger sons, they may want them to stay away from older boys who might have been exposed to activities that could be harmful to them. For those with older sons, they may worry about them doing the exposing.

At Liahona, we have treatment programs in many areas. For example, there is a separate substance abuse therapy support group for those who have struggled with drugs in the past. We keep this group separate and ask teens involved in the other groups to wait until that session to discuss their past drug troubles. This is a measure to keep teens from swapping “war stories”, which may glamorize drug abuse for younger students.

Your child will spend most of their time with others their own age, outside of therapy. Just as they would in schools separated by grade.

What If There Are Problems With Bullying?

We work with many troubled teens and so are aware of the possibility of bullying among students. We take such allegations very seriously and will do everything in our power to enforce a no-tolerance policy toward that behavior.

Liahona is a tightly monitored therapeutic boarding school. Our smaller class sizes and individualized attention, added to therapeutic sessions both in and out of a group setting, make it easier to spot warning signs. They will be dealt with as witnesses by staff, or based on complaints by students or their family.

Let Us Help Your Son

Liahona Academy is a unique institution that combines intensive therapy with academic programs to help your teen excel emotionally and academically. We provide various treatment options tailor-made for your teen based on their unique needs. We believe in the power of focused attention and care.

You don’t have to go through all of this alone. We will help you to navigate the process from the first application to the facility tour. We will also be there to help answer any questions or concerns your son may have about his journey with Liahona.

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