​Knowing Your Limits As A Parent: Seeking Help From Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Imagine this scenario: you are sitting across from stern looking administrator. This is your third meeting in a week, but you have been to dozens just like it in the past. This one is more serious than most, however. Your son is once again facing expulsion after a behavioral outburst that the principle and several of his teachers feel was unnecessarily violent and signs of escalation in his actions.

Sadly, many parents reading this don’t have to imagine this scene because they have lived it themselves. Having a troubled teenager at home can feel like an exhausting, never ending process that rips a family in two.

You have tried everything to manage the situation, from therapy to residential treatment programs. Nothing is helping and they only seem to be getting worse. As they age, the consequences of their actions can really ramp up.

It may be time to look for other professional options.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

You may have heard of these programs in the media as they gain popularity. They work by combining two critical aspects of a troubled teenager's needs in one place.

First, they focus on the therapeutic side of the equation. Whether your child is facing ADD/ADHD, behavioral disorders like ODD, depression, mental illness, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse issues or other problems that can often overlap, they need to get to the core of it.

From there, they have to learn proper coping strategies. This is an intensive process that takes a great deal of time and trust. The average stay in a therapeutic boarding school is between twelve and eighteen months, giving them the time and space for that growth.

Second is the academic part of the process. A therapeutic boarding school uses the other fifty percent of the focus on your teen's school performance. Many troubled children find their grades dropping as their behavior persists. Eventually, they may get behind peers, even being forced to stay back grades to make up for it.

Through the use of teachers, tutors, administrators, recreational coaches and other academic staff members, your child can get back on track. Best of all, they can begin preparing for the future and learn how to enjoy school. Once they go back to a general population, they will be a wholly new student with a different outlook on life.

It will change your child’s life, for good.

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