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Counseling for Teens | Liahona Academy

Counseling TeensLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center that offer counseling for troubled teens. We provides complete therapeutic treatment by offering a new beginning in the lives of boys who are struggling with an array of emotional and behavioral issues including substance abuse.
Counseling teen boys is what Liahona Academy is all about. We are dedicated beyond belief to providing the perfect opportunity for your boy to succeed restoration. Please call 800-675-8101 to speak to our professional Admissions Specialist. We can help!

Many parents question if their teen’s bad behavior is really defined as a “troubled teenager” or if it is a normal period of life. Most youth are prone to mood swings, however, if they isolate themselves, if they become violent or suicidal, it may be that he is suffering with serious psychological problems that need professional counseling. Some of these issues are: ADD/ADHD, academic problems, problems at home, behavioral or emotional issues, substance abuse, defiance, depression or even threatening suicide. When these issues are prevalent, families usually do not know what to do to help their troubled teens.

Struggling boys express themselves in many ways. Some of them take huge risks with their lives. It is common for teens to take chances because they truly believe they are invincible. However, some teens take dangerous chances with their own lives, as well as others, that can include binge drinking, driving drunk or other precarious activities.

Many troubled teens need to be removed from their current set of circumstances in order to get counseling and make positive changes, because when teenagers are removed from their current environment, the first step toward help and progress is made.

If your child is having problems at home or at school or if he is expressing emotional and behavioral issues and taking dangerous risks. If your boy needs professional counseling for teens, please take action now and give Liahona Academy a call at 800-675-8101. We want to help!

Behavior Problems in Children | Liahona Academy

Behavior Problems ChildrenLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center that offer programs designed to change behavior problems in children. Our approach provides consistent consequences for behaviors to help troubled boys take personal responsibility for their actions and emotions. At Liahona Academy children can find themselves again through establishing basic principles of conduct in their lives. Our goal is to increase positive actions through love and accountability while eliminating negative actions. Please call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101 to speak to a professional Admissions Director today.

When dealing with challenging or violent behavior problems, parents need to use techniques that will effectively stop it. As people, we use behavior as a form of communication Children are no different than adults, we all want to be understood, to be treated with respect, and to satisfy our needs. When we look at the underlying causes of bad behavior problems in children and enable individuals with the choice of replacing bad behaviors with good behaviors that meet the same needs or when equipped with effective behavior management strategies, we are better able to guide children toward changing their own behavior so they can express themselves in a positive way. We cannot force troubled teens to do anything but, we can guide them toward changing their behaviors for the good.

Therapy can address specific behavior problems in children, such as: impulse control, peer pressure, self esteem, grief/loss issues, family relationships, substance abuse, depression, anger management, oppositional defiance, communication and academic struggles by establishing routines and increasing positive attention among other therapeutic interventions. When a problem like ADD or ADHD is present, the most basic strategies can be a big challenge to implement on a day to day basis but can also be addressed with therapy.

Parents, if you are looking for a program that merges a unique combination of therapy,
education, discipline, environment and love, there are options available. Contact us today, at 800-675-8101 to learn more about how Liahona Academy can help you stop bad behavior problems in children, for good.

Boarding Schools for At Risk Youth | Liahona Academy

Boarding Schools At Risk YouthLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center for at risk youth, similar to a boarding school.. We provide a very effective approach to issues related to at risk youth and how best to help troubled boys overcome their bad behaviors. Our unique programs offer many solutions for successful behavioral treatment, as well as year round schooling with grade repair and credit recovery. We encourage our students to continue their education. Parents, if you are out of ideas about how to handle your at risk youth, please call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101 to speak to our Admissions Specialist and receive further assistance.

Parents, are you looking for a boarding school for your troubled boy? Is your family life in turmoil due to his behavior or emotional issues? Your options range from highly structured residential treatment centers intended for children who display self-destructive behaviors to therapeutic boarding schools intended mostly for promising youth who are struggling with mild emotional and learning issues or traumatic events such as a divorce or a move can also trigger emotions that turn into depression or anxiety. Most boarding schools specialize in treating youth whose behavior is sabotaging their family relationships and school career. But, what is a parent suppose to do? How are you going to know what is best for your at risk youth?

Liahona Academy’s residential treatment center for at risk youth who may be experiencing emotional, academic, and/or behavioral problems provide a standard of excellence in an environment of love, discipline, respect and accountability, also safety and security. By contacting our professional support, children will spend their days in group counselling, individual and family therapy, and learn how to interact with peers and adults in a respectful and healthy way instead of wreaking havoc on their lives and the lives of their families.

By learning more about themselves and what contributes to their destructive behaviors, many children find success at boarding schools and residential treatment centers. If you have reached the point of considering a boarding school for your at risk youth that is designed to help turn his life around, consider Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101. By consulting with our professional Admissions Specialist, you can find the right option for your child.

Child Mental Health Services | Liahona Academy

Child Mental Health ServicesLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center that offers special services for child mental health disorders. Our mission is to provide confidential, compassionate, and professional therapy services to troubled boys. These services are programs to help the child improve their mental health and their family relationships. At Liahona Academy, we focus on developing balanced programs that are unique to each child, all in the context of a safe and loving environment. Parents, if your boy needs mental health services, please call 800-675-8101 today.

Many troubled boys have mental health problems that interfere with their daily life activities and normal development. Some if these issues are mild while others are more severe. But, most of them can be successfully treated with counseling and medication. Residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools offer comprehensive treatment programs and child mental health services for teenagers with severe mental health conditions.

Research proposes that we do not know the exact reason for most mental disorders, but a combination of factors may be involved. Biology, heredity, environmental stress and psychological trauma are all factors that are involved in reasons for mental health disorders in children.

Identifying child mental disorders can be complicated because children experience a lot of physical, mental and emotional changes as they grow and develop. There are many different kinds of mental disorders that can affect troubled teens, including: ADD/ADHD, disruptive behaviors, pervasive development disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, learning and communication issues, eating disorders, mood disorders, and tic disorders. Also, It is not unusual for a child to have more than one of these problems.

Parents, if your son is experiencing negative moods, stealing, damaging property, poor appetite, night terrors, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, excessive anxiety, aggressive behavior, loss of interest, inability to cope with daily problems, drug or alcohol abuse and hearing voices, these are all symptoms of mental disorders. If your child can be helped through the therapeutic intervention of mental health services, please take action now and give Liahona Academy a call at 800-675-8101 to speak with our Admissions Specialist.

Facilities for Troubled Youth | Liahona Academy

Facilities Troubled YouthLiahona Academy is one of many residential treatment facilities for troubled youth. However, Liahona Academy provides intensive and comprehensive residential treatment by bringing “a new beginning” in the lives of troubled boys who are dealing with a host of issues. Our focus is therapeutic and loving intervention. The recreational programs at our facility are designed to help our boys have successful experiences through accomplishments. Liahona Academy is committed to providing the best opportunity for your troubled youth to rehabilitate. Please call our Admissions Specialist at 800-675-8101 for more information.

The most difficult time for the relationship between parents and child is during the teenage years. Some boys cause trouble when they become independent and are persuaded by their friends more than their families. Some parents have not found effective resources for teens who have emotional and behavioral challenges and so, they struggled to find answers.

Facilities for troubled youth are located across the country and range in all types of care. But, the proximity of the facility to the child’s home can affect how well he does. In many cases, it helps to move the child to a different area of the country where their past life is unrecognizable. If a troubled teen has close friends nearby, or family, it may increase the chances of a runaway situation.

Residential treatment facilities and therapeutic boarding schools help teens realize past actions were destroying them and their families. They change the way troubled youth handle life’s challenges and help them become well-behaved, well-rounded contributors to society. They teach teens to have respect for themselves and others, and finally appreciate life.

Please consider the facilities at Liahona Academy to take advantage of the complete therapeutic, intensive and comprehensive programs they offer. Your troubled youth can soon be on their way to recovery. Call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101 to speak to our professional Admissions Director.

Adolescent Residential Treatment Facilities | Liahona Academy

Adolescent Residential TreatmentLiahona Academy is one of many adolescent residential treatment facilities available. However, we provide specialized therapeutic assistance to teenage boys who require professional clinical support to make possible emotional and behavioral change and growth. Liahona Academy offers hope and valuable resources to teenage boys seeking treatment for a whole range of issues. Our unique programs give troubled teens the opportunity for successful behavioral treatment. Please call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101 to speak to our Admissions Specialist and learn of the options available.

Adolescent residential treatment facilities serve to remove troubled teenagers from their current environment, and place them in a therapeutic, structured and supervised setting. RTC’s work with adolescents who are experiencing problems with specific issues, including self-esteem, chemical dependency, uncontrollable anger, depression, smoking, alcoholism, gang involvement, ADD/ADHD, eating disorders, behavioral issues, blatant disregard of rules and self-harm threats. They often include both individual and group counseling, social skills training, family support, vocational training, structured physical activities, education support, as well as substance abuse programs. Adolescent residential treatment facilities are an excellent choice for teenagers in need of intensive support to learn more appropriate methods of coping and behaving.

Adolescent residential treatment facilities include environments that are home-based, as well as school settings or clinical settings. When parents are contemplating a residential treatment center, it is important to ensure your child's needs are compatible with the program's setting and format. Parents should thoroughly assess the benefits of the different approaches available. This can help to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Every child is different because they represent a unique assortment of talents, experiences and struggles.  Adolescent residential treatment centers work to discover the abilities of each teen who has been held back by emotional battles.  They also provide customized programs to meet each child’s special needs that changes as he grows and matures during treatment.

Liahona Academy provides a standard of excellence in an environment of love and discipline where parents can feel assured with the well-being of their child. We have the capability to help your boy succeed. Please call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101; we want to help.

Residential Treatment For Teens

There are many different troubled teen programs that, as a parent, it can be difficult to decide which program will work for your child. Each program brings different benefits to the table that can help your teen. If you are the parent of a troubled teen and you are seeking help from residential treatment centers , call 1-800-675-8101 today.

Different schools and treatment can include therapeutic boarding schools and other boarding schools, residential treatment centers, behavioral modification programs, boot camps, wilderness programs, etc. Each program should be researched thoroughly to see if they will work for you troubled teen.

Residential Treatment Centers Are Effective for Teens

As a residential treatment center, Liahona Academy has discovered effective programs and curriculum that have best helped the troubled boys that decide to stay with us. We have found that by removing teens from the initial issue, they become more open-minded and find relief from the other pressure of the world. The programs being offered at residential treatment center help a wide variety of issues in troubled teens.Residential Treatment Available For Teens

Liahona Academy helps assist troubled teens with problems such as:

Behavioral issues
Drug and substance addictions
Emotional issues
Family or adoption issues
Academic issues

Because of the issues listed above, it is common for teens to act out and make decisions that negatively effect friends and family around them. When these choices begin to negatively effect the people who love your teen the most, it is time to get help. A positive support system is the foundation to helping your troubled teen get back on track. At Liahona Academy, we provide that for your child when every one else feels like they can’t anymore. Our faculty and staff have been professionally trained to help teens get back on the path to greatness. We build friendships and bonds with each teen to help support them through this difficult time.

Residential treatment centers have help troubled teens and their families from all over the nation. Liahona Academy is no exception to that and we are willing and ready to help your child get back on track. If you think that Liahona Academy is a good option for teen, call us 1-800-675-8101 for more extensive information.

Dealing with Defiant Teenagers | Liahona Academy

Dealing Defiant TeenagersLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center that helps families who are dealing with defiant teenagers. We provide a very effective approach to issues relating to defiant and violent teenage boys. Our therapeutic services offer hope and healing. Liahona Academy also offers year round schooling with grade repair to encourage our students to further their education. Parents, if you are dealing with a defiant teenager, we want to help. Please call our Admissions Director at 800-675-8101 for further assistance.

It is very difficult to live with a defiant teenager who is abusive and obnoxious; it is so easy for parents to get frustrated. Arguing constantly and having to “walk on eggshells” is very exhausting as well. At times, no matter how much parents try talking, punishing, negotiating and pleading, they end up in the same situation. Most parents have a tough time knowing what to do.

A primary step in the right direction would be to get to the root cause behind the teenagers rebellion. No matter what your child may say, he does not want to deal with his behavioral issues all by himself. It is important for parents to make the distinctions between those battles that are worth fighting and those that need to be accepted. Parents should spend quality time giving attention because boys often act out when they feel they are being ignored and studies show that families that enjoy physical activities together are more successful at keeping their teenagers out of trouble. r.

At times, all teenagers behave badly. However, when dealing with behaviors like hostility, defiance, and refusal to comply affects the whole family, it demands a more serious intervention. When the right tools are used, defiant teenagers can be changed.

Parents, say goodbye to conflict, stress and arguing. Restore peace and sanity into your home by calling Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101. We can help!

Adolescent and Anger Management Strategies | Liahona Academy

Adolescent Anger ManagementLiahona Academy is a residential treatment center for adolescent boys with anger management issues. We provide very effective strategies of discipline and love to combat circumstances relating to anger, rebellion and other problems troubled teens face today. Our therapeutic services offer many opportunities for successful behavioral treatment, and year round schooling with grade repair and credit recovery. Parents, if you have a child that is suffering with anger management or other related issues, please call Liahona Academy at 800-675-8101 for further assistance.

Adolescent boys, like the rest of us, experience anger from moderate annoyance to rage. We actually experience it quite frequently each day. Anger is part of a generalized alarm reaction preparing us to solve a problem. However, when our anger grows toward a rage, we lose our ability to reason logically. Then, we make responsive decisions, which are immature and childlike.

Anger is a natural response to emotional reactions when we are in situations where we feel threatened. There is nothing abnormal with your child when he is feeling angry. It is important to notice the differences between being angry and how a person behaves when they are angry. The problems begin when the actions conflict with the capacity to reason. The way we act when we are angry may be adverse or harmful to ourselves and others. There is also a damaging threat when we try to restrain our feelings because the root problem is never addressed, which can play a significant part in creating adolescent depression and other significant issues.

A lot of times, Adolescent boys learn anger behaviors or anger management strategies in their homes and schools. But, the allowance to be angry to the point of violence should never be granted. Instead, try to manage anger so it can become a more positive emotion. The following are some ideas: relax, think positively, identify the problem and solve it, communicate instead of jumping to conclusions, manage stress by listening to music or writing, exercising and meditating. Other ways to manage would be to talk about your feelings with someone you trust or change your environment with new friends, etc.

The professionals at Liahona Academy have researched the cause and process of anger to develop a program that teaches adolescent anger management strategies for preventing this problem from escalating out of control. Parents, if you have a child that would benefit from this unique program, Liahona Academy can help. Please call our Admissions Specialists at 800-675-8101.