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Helping Parents Of Troubled Boys Find The Help They Need, Fast

If you are looking for fast help for your troubled teen son, you will find plenty of solutions offered by various types of programs across the nation. These programs differ in length, focus, goals and emphasis, depending on how they are structured. You might choose one of the following for your child.

  • Therapeutic boarding school – Therapeutic boarding school, sometimes called emotional growth boarding school, offers a focus on education combined with private and group counseling for teens who are struggling with various emotional or behavioral issues, such as substance abuse, learning disabilities, or mental health challenges. The programs offer a holistic approach to treatment, and parental participation is strongly encouraged.
  • Boys’ ranch – These are usually therapeutic boarding schools, but they add the dimension of horses and other activities that you would normally expect to find at a ranch.
  • Christian boarding school – These schools are similar to a therapeutic boarding school but with a Christian perspective.
  • Residential treatment center – These facilities address specific needs for your son, such as substance abuse addiction, self-harming behaviors or eating disorders, on a short-term basis. Some students attend a therapeutic boarding school after completing treatment.
  • Military boarding school – Also called teen boot camps, these programs are extremely structured and disciplined. Teens participate in hours of exercise each day and must closely adhere to the rules or face strict consequences. These short-term programs have come under serious criticisms due to dangerous practices, injuries and even deaths. According to a federal study reported by the American Bar Association in June 2009, the government found more than 1,600 incidents of child abuse in 2005 at juvenile boot camps in 33 states. The types of abuse included dehydration, beatings, denial of proper nutrition, serious humiliation and even death, in some cases.
  • Wilderness programs – These programs focus on survival in nature with very limited resources. Teens camp out and need to depend on themselves and each other in order to make it through three to 21 days in the wild. Some programs include a few days of isolation, thinking about what brought them to this place in their lives.

Educational Placement Specialist

If you are the parent of a troubled boy and you are looking for help, you can research various types of programs on your own. However, unearthing all of the ins and outs of treatment can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to tell which programs are best without physically visiting them. However, you do have the option of using an educational placement specialist, or a professional who knows which out-of-home placement might work most effectively, depending on your child’s needs. These professionals look at each type of program and consider your son’s issues before they recommend a facility. They are not affiliated with the programs but can do on-site visits even if you cannot go to a program in person.

Troubled Teen Boys Get Their Lives Straight At Liahona Academy


Behavioral issues for troubled teen boys encompass a large range of problems, including anger, academic struggles, depression, rebellion, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse and trauma. However, substance abuse is likely the most prevalent problem for struggling teen boys. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, a federal agency, reports that an estimated 1.5 million teens struggle with a substance-use disorder. However, only about 111,000 or 7 percent, are receiving treatment, whether outpatient or at a residential treatment center.

An Overview of Our Mission and Philosophy

The Liahona Academy provides residential treatment for teen boys. Their goal is to help each adolescent become a productive member of society by cultivating the necessary physical, mental and emotional skills in a safe environment.

The program uses a therapeutic behavioral model with a balance of discipline and love. As your boy feels the atmosphere of acceptance from the staff and counselors, he is able to accept the help provided. He is held accountable for his actions during this process. As he sees that others believe in him, he will rise to meet those expectations.

Giving Your Child a Fresh Start

In some cases, removing a struggling teen from their environment and away from the pressures of negative peers might give him the clean break that he needs to motivate him to change. We accomplish this by using the following methods:

• Behavioral therapy – both individual and group

• A strong academic program

• Experiential therapy and

• Recreational therapy

Individual and Group Therapy

Troubled teen boys change through the use of behavioral therapy. As a parent, you might have placed your child in counseling in the past, to no avail. Your child might not have responded to the program, or his old lifestyle and negative influences might have pulled him back into the same harmful behaviors.

Individual therapy offers your son insight into the reasons for his behavior and helps him develop trust with a licensed marriage and family therapist, who is trained to address the issues that affect teens. During group therapy, boys are placed in one of several groups that best meets their needs, such as peer support, substance abuse, leadership training or other groups.

Academic Achievement

At Liahona Academcy, we assume that every student is college-bound and have designed our curriculum accordingly. However, we understand that your son might need grade repair or credit recovery. Many of our students make up delinquent class work and boost their GPA while with us, in part through the use of tutors. We offer an accredited program with certified teachers and very small class sizes. Instead of rushing teens through the material, we let them work at their own pace.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy engages the boys in talking through problems, improving communication skills, and overcoming the issues that brought them to this point. We use a team approach that involves students, parents and staff.

Recreational Therapy

Boys can participate in numerous sports and recreational activities designed to help them burn energy and relieve stress, such as:

• Football

• Weightlifting

• Water skiing

• Camping and

• Many more.


Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens Help Reunite Broken Families


When a troubled teen disrupts the life of your family, he is not the only one suffering during the process. You, your partner, any other children and possibly other close family relatives are also caught in the cross-fire of his tirades, anger and tantrums. You cannot focus on your other children or give them the attention that they deserve. As a result, they might suffer from feelings of rejection as their wants and needs are put aside as you put all of your energy into caring for your struggling son. You likely have tried at least one of the following: group or individual counseling, substance abuse treatment, private school or an intervention. Sadly, none of these have worked. Since all other measures have failed, it’s time to send your child to a therapeutic boarding school where he can find the help that he desperately needs. At the same time, you can begin to reunite your broken family in order to prepare for him to rejoin the home once he finishes treatment.

Family Counseling at Boarding School

We recognize the interaction, which is usually negative, between a struggling teen and his family and have the background to offer hope to hurting families. We believe that healing your family is an integral part of the recovery process and offer resources and skills to help you rebuild your family. We will offer the support that you need during this challenging time and update you regularly on your son’s progress. As we work together, we can effectively impact your son to produce lasting changes. He will see that everyone is making a team effort together for his best interests so that he can heal while at boarding school. During this period, your family has a much needed break that can bring peace to your home as you regroup and tend to the needs of your other family members. The end result is often restoration of the whole family.

Replicating the Family Experience

One of the ways that we reunite your family is by replicating the family experience at our boarding school. Teens learn the importance and value of family from a fresh perspective, including the following:

• Honor and consideration of others

• Contributing to the needs of other “family” members

• Enhancing the family unit and

• Serving others.

They learn what it means to cooperate as a family unit with new family “members.” As issues come up, we can address them so that when your son has finished the program, no lingering problems remain. He can take the skills that he has learned at our program and put them into practice once he returns home.

Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth Offer Teens A Second Chance To Succeed


After you have exhausted all measures to help your struggling child, you might wonder what course of action you should take. When restrictions, yelling, threats, counseling and interventions don’t work, you might believe that all hope is gone. He might have run away, been kicked out of school, used drugs or be suicidal. However, do not fear as there are options to help your troubled teen. Other parents have found themselves in similar situations and used some of the following strategies to give their son a second chance to succeed.

How Georgia Intervened to Help Troubled Youth

The state of Georgia has found one way to give teens a second chance. According to their statistics, taxpayers put out almost $100 million annually on incarcerating teens in jail or placing them in juvenile detention centers. And that’s just in one state – multiply that by 51 for all of the other states and the District of Columbia, and you can see the financial drain that teen crime places on the criminal justice system across the nation.

To combat this problem, the Georgia National Guard lets teens between the ages of 16 and 18 attend their military boot camp. The 22-week program affords them the opportunity to stay out of the system and to hopefully turn their lives around. At the same time, they can work toward or complete their GED or finish high school.

As a strict military program, boot camp is an admittedly extreme measure for the most serious of offenders. In some cases, the courts must order participants to attend. What if your child is headed in that direction and needs help, but your situation is not serious enough to warrant boot camp? You still have other choices that might be appropriate for your son.

How Therapeutic Boarding School Can Help

Therapeutic boarding school offers a structured environment that might be just what your teen needs for a second chance at success. Your struggling teen has disrupted your home for years, and his troubles are affecting not only your family, but also his schooling. Here are some of the ways that a boarding school can offer your troubled teen a second chance for success:

1. Provides a new environment where he is away from his friends and possible negative influences.

2. Allows him the time to focus on his behavioral problems so that

3. Gives his parents, siblings and other close relatives a chance to regroup.

4. Gives him the opportunity to catch up on his grades and academics.

5. Introduces him to new friends from across the nation with similar goals toward recovery and improving behaviors.

6. Allows him to begin fresh when he comes home.

Multiple Options For Your Troubled Youth

Parents of troubled youth who are feeling hopeless and out of options often look into boarding schools for troubled youth. The main problem they run into is deciding which boarding school for troubled youth fits their child’s needs. Choosing the correct school can make the difference between progress towards a happy, healthy lifestyle and the conditions worsening, resulting in an even bigger problem. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that has assisted many troubled youth with their personal struggles and have seen families grow together again. Call Liahona Academy today at 1-800-675-8101 and receive assistance locating the correct boarding school for your Boarding Schools For Troubled Youthtroubled youth.

Educating Parents About Different Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth

A big problem parents face when looking into boarding schools for troubled youth is knowing the difference and benefits that each boarding school has to offer. Each school fits different needs that youth have. Therefore, parents must fully examine their child’s needs and the situation before them before making a final decision on which boarding school to seek help from. Most schools will fall under the following categories:

Therapeutic Boarding Schools- Though each therapeutic boarding school is different, they offer many of the same benefits to troubled youth. These boarding schools are long-term and provide a variety of counseling situations, including individual, group, and family counseling. They assist teens in recovering lost credits in school and can grant high school diplomas. Different extracurricular and recreational activities are also offered at therapeutic boarding schools, along with skill building opportunities that help troubled youth struggling with emotional issues, physical issues, family issues, behavioral issues, and social issues. Gender specific therapeutic boarding schools are effective for troubled youth, and are always an option.

Outdoor Wilderness Programs- Outdoor wilderness programs teach teens to be self-reliant and promote self-esteem through task accomplishment. The wilderness is used to open the minds of troubled youth and allow them to become more in tune with their natural senses. There are some wilderness programs that are gender specific, and allows teen to feel equal amongst each other. Outdoor wilderness programs all use different therapeutic techniques using the outdoor environment to facilitate treatment and growth to the best of their ability. These teens will also naturally become closer with their counselor and learn to rely on others due to communal and group living.

Residential Treatment Centers- Parents of troubled youth often look to long-term residential treatment centers to assist their child in overcoming major personal struggles. The main focus of residential treatment centers in therapeutic and clinical treatment. Though these centers do provide academic recovery to troubled youth, they emphasize help on a more therapeutic level. Gender specific residential treatment centers offer great success to troubled youth. Teens visiting residential treatment centers are usually struggling with behavioral issues, psychological issues, family and adoption issues, and substance abuse and addiction. Because there are wide varieties of personal struggles in these facilities, many different programs are offered and participated in to further growth in troubled youth.

Traditional Boarding Schools- These boarding schools are very different from the other listed above because they are not meant for youth struggling with deep personal issues. They would not be an appropriate choice for teens that are struggling with substance abuse, social difficulties, and emotional difficulties. Traditional boarding schools focus on building character, academics, and sports and generally do not offer clinical services. There is counseling and therapy available, but it is confidential and doesn’t ultimately affect the rest of the teen’s stay. Unlike the boarding schools listed above, they are allowed home visit and vacations or breaks. There is also always the options for gender specific boarding schools.

Liahona Academy Assists Parents and Troubled Youth

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that assists not only troubled youth, but friends and family of teens as well. Troubled youth often excel in our programs and are able to return home as the smiling, healthy teen their friends and family know them to be. Our professionally trained staff has hands-on experience working with troubled youth and in their own lives. Our goal is to see your troubled boy succeed, and we will help them do just that. To find out more about boarding schools for troubled youth and Liahona Academy, call us at 1-800-675-8101.