Athletic and Artistic Activities Offered in Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

When some parents choose to send their troubled sons to a therapeutic boarding school, some have been concerned that their sons will not have extracurricular outlets like athletics and artistic pursuits, which their sons do have through public schools. But these parents may not fully realize the benefits of choosing to send their sons to a therapeutic boarding school.

As therapeutic boarding schools are private schools, attending children actually benefit more than from overcrowded and underfunded public schools. Not only do private boarding schools like Liahona Academy offer intensive therapy and academic recovery, but we also have a wide range of athletic and artistic activities.

Atheltic Activites At Our Therapeutic Boarding School

There are a host of athletic activities offered at therapeutic boarding schools. Which activities are offered can be dependent on where the school is located. For instance, since Liahona Academy is in Southern Utah, we take our students on hikes through the beautiful national parks around us, such as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Other activities at our therapeutic boarding school are:

  • Organized sports (basketball, flag football, etc)
  • Running
  • Free play time
  • Lake trips (boating, wakeboarding, swimming, fishing)
  • Service projects (community clean-up, shelter volunteering, etc)

Artistic Engagement Proven To Help Troubled Boys

Troubled teenage boys need balance in their lives and artistic engagement plays a vital part in helping to create that balance. Unfortunately, many public schools lack the finances to bring many artistic activities to their schools. Since therapeutic boarding schools are private schools, they can allocate finances for the inclusion of artistic activities. Some of the activities often offered at therapeutic boarding schools are:

  • Painting (oil-based and watercolor)
  • Musical (band and musical theory)
  • Creative writing
  • Theater

Choose A Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Son

Depending on your son's interests, you should look carefully at what athletics and artistic activities are offered by the therapeutic boarding school to help you narrow down what school you should choose for your troubled teenage son.

At Liahona Academy, we understand that helping troubled teens through their struggles is a multifaceted process. With this view in mind, we do not neglect any aspect of your son's life as we work with him to improve his mental health and academic standing. So, whether your son is an athlete or more inclined to artistic pursuits, he can find activities to enjoy while at Liahona Academy. Contact us to learn more about Liahona and how our program can help change your son's life.

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