Obesity & Eating Disorders for Boys

Boys that are suffering from eating disorders or obesity need help and treatment immediately not only do they have a long lasting impact or long term effects but they can be dangerous and fatal. Liahona Academy serves and treats troubled boys with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obesity and binge eating. We […]

Online Addictions and Troubled Boys

Teenage boys suffering from online addiction is a new reality that parents and caregivers are faced with across the US and abroad.  With the advent of the Internet and technological gadgets giving teens 24 hour access to an unlimited supply of visual, emotional, sexual and adrenaline induced stimuli, it is no wonder that online addiction […]

Drug & Alcohol Use & Abuse Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy offers help to troubled boys that are using drugs or other substances like alcohol. We help troubled boys between the ages of 12 to 17 that are heading down a destructive path in their lives. Parents have many things to worry about for their troubled boys, drug use is one of the many. […]

Troubled Boys and Family Issues

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that helps troubled boys having family issues and struggling with their transformation from adolescents to adulthood. We give troubled boys a structured environment that is safe for them to work through their issues, mild or extreme. If you are a parent looking for help and Liahona Academy sounds like the place […]

Divorce Issues and Troubled Boys

Being a parent it is hard to anticipate how your teen will be affected by your divorce, teen boys sometimes act out and become troubled. Troubled boys change behavior, by skipping or failing school, associating with negative peers, and involving themselves in drug or substance abuse. Divorce can often times be devastating to teens that […]

Adoption Issues & Struggling Common In Teenage Boys

Struggling boys that suffer from adoption issues may need the support and help from a residential treatment center. One great option is a residential treatment center like Liahona Academy, we help struggling boys with family and adoption issues. If you are a parent seeking help for your teen call a parent advocate today at 1-855-587-1416. […]

Unhealthy Sexual Conduct in Troubled Boys

When teenage boys are suffering from emotional trauma, mental health issues, and learning disabilities, they often turn to risky behavior to cope. Risky behavior includes drinking, drugs, and unhealthy sexual conduct. Parents may feel frustrated that their troubled boys will not listen to their counsel and can’t understand why such behavior is not acceptable and […]

Dual Diagnosis | Co-occuring Issues with Boys

Boys caught in the grip of substance abuse are often suffering from underlying mental health issues creating a dual diagnosis (or, co-occurring issues) scenario.  Studies show that more than half of young persons with a substance abuse diagnosis also have a diagnosable mental illness.  For immediate help call us at 855-587-1416. Unfortunately, many of these […]

Depression & Sadness and Boys

Boys with depression or extreme sadness can find treatment and help at Liahona Academy. We help teens that struggle with emotional issues, depression, behavioral issues, drug and substance addictions, and school problems. If you have a teen boy suffering from depression and we sound like the right treatment center for them do not hesitate getting […]

Bipolar Disorder Treatment | Troubled Boys

Troubled boys that are acting out with frequent mood swings, aggressive behavior or have low self esteem may have bipolar disorder. Often times signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder is different in teen boys. Liahona Academy is an all boys residential treatment center. We help boys over come their struggles with drug or substance abuse, […]