Getting Away From Video Games At A Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys

Playing video games in moderation isn’t the worst activity for teenage boys, and many parents assume all age-rated video games are safe for their teens to play. However, some video games which are rated T for teens can still lead a teenage boy down a troubled path. From stealing a parent’s credit card for in-game purchases […]

The Reality Of Social Media Use For Today’s Youth

There can be positive effects from teens using social media, from being able to connect with family and friends to being able to express themselves in an open format. But the reality of social media use for today’s youth is generally not full of positives and can lead teens to engage in troubled behaviors. Social […]

4 Tips For Teaching Sex Education To Teen Boys

It can be tough to have “The Talk” with your teenage son. By the time your son is a teenager, it is likely that he has already learned something about sex on his own. However, neglecting to cover sex education yourself can leave your teenage son dangerously under-informed, leaving room for other troubled teens to fill in […]

How Out-Of-State Residential Treatment Can Help Your Teen

Reaching the conclusion that your troubled teen son may need help beyond your ability to provide it at home is difficult. It can cause some parents to shy away from sending their sons out-of-state for the treatment they need, as these parents feel guilty for not being able to provide for all their children’s needs by […]

Treating Boys With Self-Harm Habits At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Finding out that your teenage son self-harms can be terrifying for any parent to learn. While most parents would do their best to support and help their son at home, the factors outside of the house which drove their sons’ to self-harm still exist. One proven way to help a self-harming, struggling teen boy is […]

Can Social Media Improve Communication With Your Teen?

It can feel like social media is nothing but a wedge between you and your teenager, especially if your teen is acting out then avoiding you by staying glued to whatever device they are using to go on social media. Some parents have wondered if they can use social media to improve their communication with […]

Athletic and Artistic Activities Offered in Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

When some parents choose to send their troubled sons to a therapeutic boarding school, some have been concerned that their sons will not have extracurricular outlets like athletics and artistic pursuits, which their sons do have through public schools. But these parents may not fully realize the benefits of choosing to send their sons to […]

Addressing Alcohol Abuse With Your Teen During Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, which was established to help take away the stigma away from discussing alcohol abuse. Many parents we have worked with have expressed the shock they felt when they found out their troubled teens were drinking alcohol, as these parents believed their stated standards would have prevented the abuse. But, when […]

Receiving A High School Diploma While At A School For Troubled Teens

Receiving a high school diploma is an important right of passage for teens and just because your teen needs to attend a school for troubled teens, there is no need for them to not receive a high school diploma. How A School For Troubled Teens Can Offer Diplomas Depending on which state the school for […]

Improving Self-Care and Hygiene For Boys At Residential Treatment Centers

  While parents do not necessarily send their troubled teen boys away to residential treatment centers due to poor personal hygiene and self-care, the lack of good hygiene and self-care are definitely some of the symptoms of a troubled teen boy. So, while the teens in residential treatment receive therapy and academic help, residential treatment centers also […]