Reconciling with Your Troubled Teen Son

You’ve had a big, blow-out fight with your teen and now you don’t know how to start the process of reconciliation. The disagreement may have been over something trivial, or it may have been because your teen did something seriously wrong. Whatever the cause of the argument, you both are angry and upset, and yet […]

Parents Checklist for Sending Their Son to a School for Troubled Teens

You’re considering sending your son to a school for troubled teens. Maybe you’ve already decided on a therapeutic boarding school. You want to be confident that this is the best choice for your teen, so that he can get the help he needs for his emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. You also want to […]

Addictions that Can Be Treated in a Residential Treatment Center

Addictions don’t just happen in a vacuum. First, there’s an underlying cause – some behavioral, emotional, or psychological issue that compels a person to escape into an addiction. Then, there’s the availability of the addictive substance or access to things that support the addictive behaviors. People can become addicted to substances, such as drugs or […]

Behavior Modification Programs Help Boys Aspire For College

Troubled teenage boys who are able to participate in a behavioral modification program are able to alter a number of troubling behaviors. As troubled teen boys change, their prior goal—or lack of goals—also change. In fact, with the help of a behavioral modification program, many parents are surprised that their previously unmotivated boys are both […]

If You Don’t Feel Depression Medication Is Enough For Your Son, Try A Residential Treatment Center

Depression is difficult to manage for an adult who has life skills to rely on as well as prescribed medication. So, it only makes sense that your son may need more than just his depression medication to help him overcome his depression. If your son has been struggling with his depression, instead of having his […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Help Replace Negative Influences with Positive Ones

When children are very young their role models are their parents, other family members, and caregivers. As children grow and venture out into the world as teenagers and young adults, teachers, coaches and peers also influence their lives. Role models are important because they help us to form our ethical and moral value systems. They […]

Structure and Support: A New Environment May Be What Your Struggling Son Needs

Parents of sons often meet challenges with their behavior. Boys tend to be troublemakers and often participate in self-destructive behavior like lying, defying authority, anger, and substance abuse. When this behavior begins to put themselves and others at risk, they may benefit from a residential treatment program for teen boys. With the right structure and […]

If I Suspect My Son Has A Drug Addiction, What Should I Do?

Suspecting that your son has a drug addiction is an incredibly hard place to be as a parent. There is the constant worry that if you ask them about it, and you are wrong, you could alienate your child. But on the other side, if you don’t ask and your son does have a substance […]

Caring For Your Troubled Teen’s Sibling

For parents of a troubled teen, finding the right solution for a struggling teen can become an all-consuming task. However, becoming completely wrapped up in one child can cause parents to accidentally neglect the needs of their other children. While the other children in the family can help their troubled sibling, it is critical that […]

5 Reasons Why A Boot Camp Is Not The Answer To Your Teens Behavioral Conditions

Boot camps promise to change your teens behavior, but does that actually work? It seems there’s a boot camp for everything these days. There are boot camps for exercise, boot camps for married couples, and boot camps for computer coding. The general theme is to change something fast, with more force. This approach has even […]