Therapy For Young Adults

It has been said that young adults in our world today face challenges and issues that have not existed or been acknowledged in previous generations. Now, more than ever, there are many different therapy options for young adults that can be considered. A common misconception amongst young adults about peers that seek help from therapy is […]

Residential Treatment For Troubled Teens

Most parents of troubled teens who are seeking serious therapeutic intervention for their child will look towards residential treatment for answers and hope. Although, some parents are unfamiliar with the correct definition of what residential treatment for troubled teens actually means. It is important to fully research, ponder, and carefully observe your child’s situation before deciding on […]

Lacking Motivation | Troubled Teens

One of the main issues parents struggle with their troubled teens about is their lack of motivation to take action. It can be very difficult to understand why troubled teens are lacking motivation to try and fix their personal struggles that are making it almost impossible to insure positive growth into adulthood. Parents often look […]

Depression In Teens

Adolescence is a difficult, unsettling time and it is common for teens to feel down or experience sadness or mild depression once in a while. Sadly, for some adolescents, symptoms can worsen and lead to severe depression in teens. Depression in teens is becoming more common and individuals should be educated on identifying teenage depression and learning how […]

Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth

Keeping your children safe and out of harm’s way is tricky when they are little, but once your teenage boy starts to behave badly, it can become very serious in no time at all. Parents of troubled youth who are feeling hopeless and out of options look into boarding schools for troubled youth. Liahona Academy […]

Anger Management For Adolescents

Anger is a part of life and a temporary emotion that we all must deal with as human beings. We begin feeling anger as a child, up into the adolescent years. Anger management for adolescents can be tricky because of the skills needed to exercise self-control and self-awareness. It is important to remember that it […]

Relationship Issues in Teens

Relationships developed during the teenage years can make a strong impact on how teens date in later years. Teens can learn how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship and stay away from harmful relationship issues by careful observation and clear communication from parents. Problems that grow in teen relationships often result from incidents that […]

All Boys Boarding School for Troubled Boys in Georgia

If you are the parent of a troubled boy, feeling hopeless and out of options, begin extensive research into all boys boarding schools for a therapeutic intervention. Troubled boys in Georgia have found great success when seeking help from all boys boarding schools. Liahona Academy is a mental health residential treatment center that accepts troubled […]

All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens From Florida

There are no words that can express the worry and heartbreak that you feel when your teenage son is engaging in risky behavior and making bad choices. You might be a parent who is researching different types of residential treatment centers and boarding schools for troubled teens in Florida, you should be aware of all […]

All Boys Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens From Colorado

If you are a Colorado parent of a troubled teen, chances are you are seeking any kind of help to relieve your stress and worry. No matter what you do, your troubled teenage boy will be resistant to the idea of getting professional help and resist as hard as he can. That’s why attending an […]