Behavior Modification Programs Help Boys Aspire For College

Troubled teenage boys who are able to participate in a behavioral modification program are able to alter a number of troubling behaviors. As troubled teen boys change, their prior goal—or lack of goals—also change. In fact, with the help of a behavioral modification program, many parents are surprised that their previously unmotivated boys are both ready and excited to go to college.

We have seen this change many times here at Liahona Treatment Center. Boys who learn to leave their old, poor behaviors and coping mechanism behind often realize that they have the potential to truly achieve. With behavior modification programs to help, troubled teen boys can learn to reach for their new goals like attending college.

Changing Behaviors Can Help Realign Boys’ Goals

You may be thinking, exactly how does a behavioral change help boys choose new, more positive goals? Well, consider this example.

Say your son has difficulty with anger management and has been diagnosed with ADHD, making learning difficult and appropriately interacting with others tricky. You have taken him to a therapist, enrolled him in anger management programs, and hired tutors, but nothing has really helped. Instead, your son continues to lash out, maybe both verbally and physically, and struggles academically.

As the example boy continues on this path, it is clear that without a change of behavior, he will not reach his true potential and likely will struggle to maintain relationships with family, friends, and future romantic partners.

But, should this angry, struggling boy attend a behavior modification program, he can change his future and set new goals. With the expert help of the program therapist he will work with, as well as the daily group therapy, this troubled teen boy can learn new coping methods to deal with both his anger issues and ADHD.

After these things are under his control, an aspiration for better things is the natural next step to keep a formerly troubled teen boy on the right path.

Building Life Skills Is Possible In Behavior Modification Programs

For many boys who end up attending a behavioral modification program, most parents have exhausted all other resources, much like our example boy above. The staff at behavior modification programs know this, and also know that many of these boys have missed or neglected the development of critical life skills.

Without necessary life skills, it is likely these troubled teen boys will continue to struggle well into young adulthood. So, to help prepare boys to live on their own and potentially attend college, behavioral modification programs emphasize the learning of life skills. Some of the skills your son can learn at a behavior modification program are:

  • Proper personal hygiene
  • Cooking
  • Appropriate peer-to-peer interaction
  • Laundry

Most behavioral modification programs also emphasize community service. Not only is an excellent activity to put on college applications, but by learning to serve their community, teen boys can learn to look beyond their personal needs and develop greater empathy for others.

Engaging Academic Advancement Is Essential In Programs

One thing that almost all troubled teen boys have in common is that their academic performances have been very poor before coming to a behavior modification program. As their grades fall, many of these boys feel like they have to give up on any dreams of college and the careers they want.

To counteract the poor grades, behavioral modification programs like ours at Liahona come with an accredited educational program. In our particular academic program, we keep our classes small with high-quality, state-licensed teachers and tutors to assist our students. With a tailored educational program and the help they need to succeed, many boys are surprised to realize they actually enjoy learning and want to pursue higher education.

Also, graduates receive a high school diploma, rather than a GED. That way, there is no impediment to our students’ future success.

Liahona Helps Troubled Teenage Boys Believe They Can Achieve

Here at Liahona Treatment Center, we believe in the potential of every boy who enters our program. With our firm belief and support that our troubled teen boys can achieve more, along with our highly structured behavioral modification program, troubled teen boys learn that they can change and aspire to greater things than they ever believed possible.

If you believe that Liahona’s behavioral modification program may be what your teenage son needs to change his life, contact us. Our program advisors will be happy to tell you all about our program and will help you determine if our program is right for your son.

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