Behavioral Therapy for Troubled Teen Boys

Behavioral Therapy for Troubled Teen Boys

Dealing with a troubled teen boy can be difficult and you may be feeling as though you don’t know where to turn. Extreme versions of issues such as defiance, depression, anxiety, substance abuse or mental disorders must ultimately be treated with more than patience and tough love. Fortunately, there have been great strides within the last few decades in the adolescent help arena and several methods have proven to be very effective at helping troubled teens overcome their challenges and change the trajectory of their lives. One of these methods, behavioral therapy, is a system of therapeutic interventions created to give teens the tools they need to correct specific behavioral issues. Behavioral modification therapy is thought to be most effective in children and teenagers because they are still emotionally malleable. The earlier the treatment starts, the more successful it is.

What is Involved?

The basis of behavior modification is operant conditioning, which means that behavior is shaped through reinforcement or the lack of it. The two types of reinforcement used to replace bad behavior with good behavior Positive and Negative.

  • Positive Reinforcement – This technique encourages certain behavior through a reward system. In many behavior therapy situations, teens are able to work with their therapist in order to establish the terms of the reward structure.
  • Negative Reinforcement – Used in conjunction with positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement involves an event or behavior that is associated with the removal of something desirable, or in other words, a punishment.

Where Is It Used?

Behavioral therapy for troubled teen boys requires consistency and must be overseen by a licensed professional. While it is often used in outpatient situations, there are situations when a troubled teen requires removal from his regular environment in order to focus on the changes he needs to make. In such cases, residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are available to immerse students in an environment that encourages them to gain experience through the consequences of their own behavior. With practice and guidance from trained counselors and therapists, each teen learns to adjust his actions in order to achieve a positive result and work through the reward system. Most programs also employ adventure and recreation therapy so residents can challenge their weaknesses and recognize their strengths in order to build healthy self-confidence. Behavioral therapy curriculum's often include both group and individual therapy as a way to address individual challenges as well as learn how to effectively communicate with peers and authority figures.

Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center located in southern Utah. We have been helping troubled teen boys overcome their challenges through proven behavior modification techniques for over 15 years. Contact us for a free consultation to determine if our program is a good fit for your son and his unique needs (855-587-1416).

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