Boot Camps in Alabama for Troubled Teens

If you have come to the conclusion that a long term therapeutic facility is going to be the most beneficial solution for your troubled teen, your next focus should involve selecting a safe and effective facility. Although many parents assume that one of the boot camps in Alabama is ideal because of the convenient location, we have found that many teens show more improvement at a facility a little further away.  Some of the reasons for this are:

·         New and challenging surroundings where teens can leave behind the burdens and stigma of their current life and start over with a clean slate.  

·        Parents and teens are allowed the opportunity to get the distance necessary in order to rebuild the foundation for good communication. As long as teens are at the mercy of old triggers and habits, it is nearly impossible to make lasting changes and reestablish the relationship on better terms.

·         Therapeutic programs allow parents some much needed respite for parents who need some time to recover from the emotional toll of dealing with a struggling teen. They can heal while knowing that their son is residing in an environment completely dedicated to helping him pinpoint and overcome his personal challenges. .

These are only some of the reasons why parents have been turning to Liahona Academy for over a decade, rather than a boot camp in Alabama. Liahona Academy is located in Southern Utah and is ideally placed to provide the environment of therapy, academics and healthy activities all boys need in order to find balance. Our highly qualified staff and therapeutic team work individually with each boy in order to create the program most likely to help him overcome challenges and succeed in day to day life.

Please watch this short video to see how the unique program at Liahona Academy is more likely to help your son succeed than any in Alabama. We understand that you may be feeling emotional and overwhelmed and our goal is to guide you through the process and put your mind at ease.

It is clear to see that Liahona Academy has the experience and the resources needed in order to make each boy a high priority. Our goal is to help return your son to you firmly on the path of becoming the confident, happy young man you know he can be. Contact us today at (800) 675-8101 for a free consultation to discuss the unique needs of your son and the benefits of our program. Since 2001, we have been helping parents throughout the country find a more effective solution than boot camps in Alabama. We look forward to helping you today.

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