Liahona Treatment Center Helps Kids Recover from Drug Abuse

Teens end up abusing drugs for many reasons. Whether it is to fit in with a certain social crowd, or to self-treat the negative feelings that come with low self-esteem or stress, the harmful effects of drugs are something that every parents needs to watch for in their teen. Because drugs are more accessible than ever before, it can be difficult to keep your teen away from them, and devastating when you discover that your child has a drug problem.

Healing from drug abuse requires a period of detoxification, where your teen is safely monitored in a medical facility while the drugs leave his system. Unfortunately, drug abuse is never simply a physical thing. Even more important than the detox itself is getting to the bottom of what caused your teen to abuse drugs in the first place. Without this intervention and guidance to develop effective coping skills, the problem will never actually go away.

Liahona Treatment Center helps teen boys recover from drug abuse by identifying the issues and daily habits that contributed to the problem. While we are not a medical facility that is equipped for detoxification, we have successfully helped thousands of boys through the therapy process get back on track and go on to live drug free lives. At Liahona Treatment Center, we are focused on long term changes rather than short cut answers which only treat the symptoms. We are dedicated to making sure that every boy who comes to us gets the opportunity he needs improve his life for the better.

Each boy is different and we feel it is important to create an individualized plan of care for his specific needs. Because so many other behavioral conditions go hand in hand with drug abuse, we have counselors and therapists on hand who are highly trained and experienced. In addition to group and individual therapy, we encourage new confidence by providing healthy activities and opportunities to communicate effectively with peers and authority figures. Because academics are part of a healthy daily balance for teens, we also offer certified teachers and tutors in order to help your son stay on track or make up for previous grades. Ultimately, we strive to identify the root of the problem with each boy and help them solve it, while developing better coping skills in order to live a healthy life, free of substance abuse.

If you have questions about our program or would like a free consultation to discuss the needs of your son, please contact us at 1-855-587-1416. 

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