Parents Can Use ‘World No Tobacco Day’ Teach Their Teens

There are many parents and educators who are under the false impression that teens are using less and less tobacco. While those who work at teen therapeutic boarding schools know better—tobacco use by teens is skyrocketing.

Tobacco Use Among Tweens And Teen On The Rise

The number of teens who smoke cigarettes and other more traditional tobacco products has dropped, which is why there are many people who believe that tobacco use is less of an issue among tweens and teens. However, these individuals failed to factor in the impact of e-cigarettes.

Unlike what your teen may have told you, using an e-cigarette—also called vaping—is not harmless. While some e-cigarette liquids are tobacco-free, many aren’t. Even those that lack tobacco consists of an alarming cocktail of chemicals that have been known to weaken teeth and potentially cause other health issues.

Also, some of the most popular e-cigarette flavors are packed with tobacco. So, if your teen is using an e-cigarette, he or she may be vaping enough tobacco to equal a pack of regular cigarettes in just one small packet of e-liquid.

How To Use World No Tobacco Day To Talk To Your Teen

To help your child avoid years of addiction and health struggles, it is critical that you tackle their tobacco use while they are still young, and it is easier to change bad habits. And since it can be difficult to open such a touchy conversation with temperamental teens, you can use World No Tobacco Day to your advantage.

World No Tobacco Day is on May 31, 2019, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and partnered organizations. This year, the focus is on tobacco and lung health.

One way you can go about using World No Tobacco Day is to focus on activities as a family where lungs are impacted by tobacco, such as going on a family hike. After making it clear that the activities are centered about how their body is impacted by tobacco, it will be easier to bring up the discussion about your teen’s own tobacco.

Also, if you currently struggle with tobacco use, World No Tobacco Day is a great day to make a pact with your teen that you two will quit tobacco use together.

Teach Your Teens The Facts When It Comes To Tobacco Use

As you talk to your teen during World No Tobacco Day, make sure you stick to the facts about tobacco, which are scary enough without any exaggeration. Your teen is highly likely to look up any facts you present, so it is best to be factual as it will help build trust with your teen. Some facts you may want to cover are:

  • Tobacco use is the primary trigger for lung cancer and other painful lung problems such as chronic respiratory disease, tuberculosis, and more.
  • Teens who use tobacco can significantly and negatively impact their growing brains.
  • Even using tobacco in e-cigarettes can damage the enamel of their teeth and make them weaker and more yellow.

If your teen continues to struggle with permanently quitting tobacco use or other types of substance abuse, a residential treatment center for troubled teens may be what they need.

At the treatment center, teens can enjoy a different environment that encourages self-sufficiency and provides support for those looking to change their lives in the form of therapists, academic recovery, and more, making it an ideal place for teens to go and overcome dangerously addictive habits.

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