What Do Residential Treatment Centers Do For Drug Abusing Teens?

The ways a residential treatment center can help drug abusing teens depends largely on services they offer and what they are equipped to handle. While some facilities may also act as detox centers, most long term residential treatment programs therapeutically explore the reasons why a teen has a problem with substance abuse in the first place.

Teens abuse drugs for a variety of reasons, including peer pressure, self-medication for stress, depression or low self-esteem. These issues linger long after the drugs have left the system. Residential treatment centers address this through the use of regular individual and group therapy. Self-esteem boosting activities such as sports and recreational activities allow teens to challenge themselves and identify their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses.  

An effective residential treatment program understands the importance of individualizing a plan of care for each resident. There is no one size fits all option for every teen that needs help, as each abused drugs for different reasons. Along with participating in therapy sessions, teens also work on improving their communication skills while building healthy relationships with their peers and authority figures. Because each teen is expected to be able to return to daily life with the tools he needs in order to handle day to day challenges, there is usually emphasis on behavior modification as well as healthy coping skills. Many residential facilities use the 12 step program as a module for recovery.

It is important for teens in a therapeutic treatment community to have a personal relationship with their counselors and therapists. They should receive daily one-on-one attention in order to make changes or adjustments to their treatment as they improve or otherwise change. The goal of residential treatment programs is to help teens make long term changes from the inside out, rather than simply treating symptoms.  

Liahona Academy is a residential facility located in southern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teens identify their challenges and learn the skills they need in order to handle them in a healthy way. We understand that the idea of placing your son in a facility is difficult and emotional and we have created a program that is supportive and comfortable, while offering struggling teens the full time help they need in order to return home happier and healthier. If you are interested in our program, or simply have questions you want to discuss, one of our qualified staff would be happy to talk with you in a free consultation. Contact us at 1-855-587-1416. 

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