​Figuring Out Financing For Your Troubled Teens Boarding School

The decision to send your child to a boarding school for troubled teens isn’t an easy one. But after years of trying everything possible to help them, it becomes a matter of last resort. You don’t want to send them away, but you know a secure environment with trained professionals in both therapeutic practices and academics is the best way forward.

Now that the choice is made, the logistics come into play. How in the world are you supposed to afford it? The average cost of a therapeutic boarding school, which includes both medical and academic care, is around $60,000 per year. All of this is out of pocket for most families, as insurance plans rarely cover therapeutic boarding schools in the same way they do residential treatment centers.

Going through the financial aid office of your chosen program will help ascertain whether or not insurance is going to cover some of the cost. Otherwise, you will need to figure out a financing plan that works with your budget.

Here are some ways parents finance boarding school for troubled teens.

Education Loans

The most common first step will be to try for education loans, which are offered through most financial institutions. Because a therapeutic boarding school is part education program, you can qualify for loans designated for education costs.

Sometimes you can also get medically based loans, though check with your bank and with the chosen program before applying. Not all boarding schools will be recognized as a residential treatment center, which could lead to complications or even fraud accusations.

Payment Plans

Most therapeutic boarding schools have financing plans through their institution so you can pay back the tuition over time. In that case, you will sign some kind of contract to pay a certain amount monthly, quarterly or annually.

Sometimes this will come with an interest amount, but that depends on the school you select.


This is the more extreme option that some families take, which is to refinance their home in order to pay for one or two years at a boarding school. It might seem like a serious commitment, but remember that you are investing in the future of your child. For those who are facing serious struggles and nothing else has worked, it is worth the trouble.

Talk to your chosen program about possible discounts for paying tuition up front, as well as what is not covered in school costs.

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