Liahona Treatment Center is an accredited and fully licensed residential treatment center that has been helping teens and their families since 2001. Our staff and treatment team each have nearly two decades of experience helping struggling teens figure out how to change their lives for the better. The team that Liahona has assembled is a huge asset and greatly contributes to our high success rate. Boys between the ages of 12- 17 come to our facility from around the country to participate in a variety of therapeutic activities designed to give them the skills they need to make positive changes for a better life.

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Why Should You Admit Your Son To Liahona Treatment Center's Therapeutic Program?

Some programs claim to be able to provide quick results with troubled teens, but parents should be wary of such promises. If your son is exhibiting severe behavioral issues, you may not be sure what the next step is to help him change for the better. When your interventions at home have not been successful, there are full time options that are specifically designed to help troubled teens overcome these challenges.  We've found that the vast majority of the behaviors you're currently seeing are the tip of the iceberg. Internal issues that your teen is dealing with are what produce the behaviors witnessed by others.

Issues such as substance abuse, trauma, depression, addictions, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, or other mental health disorders can often produce negative behavior in teens. To be successful in correcting negative behavior, the underlying emotional issues require uncovering and proper therapeutic healing. If the underlying issues are not addressed, poor behavioral issues will continue to be displayed. We want more for your son to discontinue his poor choices; we asses why he is acting out, then we teach him how to get what he wants in a healthy and responsible way. This is the real benefit of treatment and the key to long term success. If all you do is try and control or modify the negative symptoms it is ineffective. For example, if a boy who has an anger issue learns how to manage those feelings of anger, he may display angry feelings less often, but he is still harboring the anger. We will teach him anger management, but we will also look at the cause of the anger and resolve those issues. This results in a much more positive and effective outcome that leads to long term success where the boy is compliant but also happy. This same principle is applied to the other issues that we see and treat at Liahona. In treating addictions, we will address management tools and develop support systems but we will also identify WHY the boy is doing what he is doing and teach him how to get what he wants in a way that does not harm himself or anyone else. When boys learn how to get what they want, they like the results they see, thus becoming personally invested in the process and the lifestyle they can have by following through.

There are many benefits that we can offer troubled teens and their families. Admitting your son for treatment at Liahona Treatment Center can offer him the following:

A New Environment For Growth - A new environment, where boys can reinvent themselves away from the challenges and triggers they deal with on a regular basis at home. Studies have shown that going a little further from home for treatment is actually more effective.

Troubled Teens Can Improve Their Academic Standing - An academic curriculum that is established in line with regular classes and is accredited so teens can seamlessly return to join their class at home when they have finished the program. We also provide additional tutoring for students that need help catching up or repairing previous grades.

Many Therapeutic Treatment Options - A variety of therapy solutions that range from traditional talk therapy (individual and group) to more hands on options that appeal to adolescents, like equine, recreation, music and art therapy.

Fresh Air and Inspiring Scenery - We are located in scenic southern Utah where the weather and wilderness areas surrounding us make it possible to incorporate a variety of outdoor activities that give teens the opportunity to be active, healthy and gain more confidence in their abilities.

A Safe Environment Away From Home - Our location follows the most comprehensive state mandated terms of accreditation and safety for teen help programs in the entire country. Parents throughout the nation send their troubled teen to facilities here to take advantage of the peace of mind that our program provides.

Self Discovery For Increased Confidence For Teens - Nearly two decades of helping teens discover the great things they are capable of. Our program has been honed over the years to incorporate the solutions that really work. There is no issue we haven’t seen or had the opportunity to treat.

Emotional Healing For Troubled Teens From Trauma and Stress - Finally, placing your son in a therapeutic and clinical program gives you the opportunity to heal and recover emotionally. Managing a troubled or emotionally disturbed teen is extremely draining and you will be better able to support and help your son maintain his progress if you have been able to recuperate from the constant stress and worry.


We take the trust that parents place in us very seriously. We understand that it is no small thing for you to send your son to us at a time when your family is the most vulnerable. We encourage you to contact us and let us answer your questions and address your concerns. It is important to us that you are able to feel confident with your decision. We really recommend that you talk to others who have been through our program or have had a child attend Liahona. They are a great resource and have personal experience with the program. Please take time to read, watch the testimonials or contact parents who have agreed to make themselves available to interested parents like yourself considering sending your son to Liahona. We have been dedicated to helping struggling adolescents since before your son was even born and we are anxious to put that knowledge and experience to good use with your child.

Contact us today to discuss admissions and get your family started on the path to healing and peace. 1-855-587-1416.