Help Your Teenage Son Start the New Year on the Right Foot

One of the best gifts you can give your teenage son is the knowledge that he can start each year, each month and even each day anew. There are consequences for past actions, but everyone has the ability to move on and resolve to do better. With 2019 is in its infancy and Chinese New Year—another celebration of fresh … [Read more...]

Help From Residential Treatment Centers For Teen Boys With Pornography Addictions

At residential treatment centers for teen boys, it is sadly not uncommon to have teenage boys as young as 13 who are already burdened with an addiction to pornography. If you aren’t sure if your son has a pornography addiction or if he does have one and you don’t know what to do, we want to offer our help and insights. … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Teen Son is a Compulsive Liar

When you discover your son is lying to you, it can raise your hackles and alarm. You may feel a sense of betrayal, followed by a surge of worry. What else is he lying about? It’s hard to rest easy when you don’t trust your troubled teenage son. His lying can prompt you to worry about his whereabouts. It can make you … [Read more...]


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How To Decide On The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Boy

Coming to the decision that you need to send your teenager to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens can be tough. Unfortunately, the difficulty doesn’t end there. As there are many therapeutic boarding schools available for parents to consider, here are some tools to help you decide on the right program for … [Read more...]

Diet and Exercise At A Boarding School For Troubled Boys

One of the main appeals of a boarding school for troubled teen boys is the immersive therapeutic atmosphere. However, it is important for balance to be reached, so the best boarding schools for troubled teens tend to implement well-rounded diet and exercise plans into their programs. Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys … [Read more...]


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