Is Your Teens Social Media Use Causing ADHD?

Most of us use a smartphone to access social media at least once a day. Today’s teens can often be found spending an excessive amount of time browsing and updating at least one social media platform. As a parent, you may be well aware of some of the potential downsides of using social media platforms, […]

5 New Social Media Sites Parents Need to Understand

Social media has become a large part of our daily lives and the lives of our teens. While there are many good things to be said about being able to connect with family and friends scattered across the globe, there are also some concerns parents should have. Do you know which social media platforms your […]

Teen Won’t Go To School? Here’s What You Can Do

We can likely all empathize with a teenager not wanting to go to school now and then. Whether due to peer pressure, fears of being bullied, or just wanting to avoid a test they didn’t study for, your teen may understandably wish to skip school occasionally. However, if your teenager refuses to go to school […]

Tips to Manage Aggressive Child Behavior

It can take you by surprise to see your child acting out with aggressive behavior. Whether it has been slowly escalating or has hit you out of nowhere, aggression can take a toll on the whole family. It can leave you feeling concerned and potentially a bit fearful. As a parent, you have likely faced […]

Parental Abuse: Handling a Teen That Threatens Harm

Some defiant behavior is expected from your teenager as he tries to navigate the changes in his body and his life. But you may find yourself faced with a defiant teen who is making threats of harming themselves or others. At what point do you start to take threats seriously? What should you do if […]

Will Behavior Modification Help Your Teen?

If your teen is struggling, getting him into therapy can be helpful. As a part of his therapeutic treatment plan, you may start to hear about behavior modification therapy. If you’ve never encountered it, you may wonder just what it is and how it can help your teen. Within the umbrella of behavior modification are […]

7 Key Ways to Reduce Child Anger

When our children are toddlers, we expect the potential to lash out with anger when they get frustrated or overstimulated. A large part of the toddler meltdown can generally be attributed to them feeling frustrated and simply not having the communication skills needed to get what they need. However, for older children, there is often […]

What To Do When You’re Afraid of Your Teen Son

Do you find yourself walking on eggshells when your teen son is around? Are you afraid of sending him into a rage if you say or do the wrong thing? Perhaps you do almost anything to make him happy so that you can avoid making him angry or setting him down a rage-filled path. It’s […]

What Can You Do When Your Teen is Arrested

One of the calls that a parent doesn’t want to get: your teen has been arrested. Your first instinct could be to rush to their rescue so that you can get them home safely. But is this the right decision? What should your next step be? Is there anyone you should call first before going […]

Should I Be Worried About My Teen Chatting On Discord?

Do you know all of the apps that your teen uses? Today’s teens are incredibly tech-savvy, taking their skills past texting or using their gaming console. There are dozens of social media and chat apps that your teen may be using for various reasons. They may be on Facebook and Instagram posting photos of their […]