Why Does My Teenager Only Listen After I Lose My Temper

We’ve all been there. You tell your kids to clean up after themselves. You give them plenty of polite reminders. Then the reminders become a little more firm. Then comes the threat of consequences if they don’t clean up after themselves. The frustration builds. Then it all becomes too much, and you lose it. You […]

When It’s Time To Step In When Your Teenager’s Friends are Bad Influences

As a parent, it can be tough to watch our children start to grow up and change from kids to teenagers. The little kid who always wanted to be around us, even when we just wanted some alone time, starts to withdraw and wants more time alone too. Rather than spending most of their time […]

Why Family Routines Are Good For Troubled Teens

The Gottman Institute, a leading institution on family and couples’ therapy, defines shared meaning as “Enriching your relationship by creating an inner life together–a culture rich with symbols and rituals.” When you establish a routine for your family, you’re helping create shared meaning and are building your relationship with your troubled teen. Using the latest […]

Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try At Home For Your Teen And Substance Abuse

If you are a parent of a child who struggles with substance abuse, this article will help you understand what addiction is. You will also discover some techniques from behavior modification therapy that you can try at home with your troubled teen struggling with substance abuse. Because substance abuse is complex and life-threatening, please seek […]

Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try At Home For Your Teen With Gaming Addiction

If you have a son with an addiction to gaming, this article will help you. This article provides information about signs to look out for in terms of addiction. It also offers some behavior modification therapy techniques that you can try with your troubled teen. Although these techniques are helpful, please do not use them […]

Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try At Home For Your Teen With Eating Disorders

“I want to leave this place knowing / i did something with my body / other than trying to / make it look perfect” -Rupi Kaur, Home Body Using research on eating disorders, this article will help you under the signs of eating disorders in your teen. It will also help you discover behavioral modification […]

Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try At Home For Your Teen With Reactive Attachment Disorder

For teens with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), expressing emotions is often very difficult. This can make it challenging to build and maintain a relationship with a troubled teen with this disorder. To truly understand teens with this disorder, this article will provide some of the symptoms of this disorder. We will also offer some techniques […]

Teens With Borderline Personality Disorder and Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try At Home

With teens who have borderline personality disorder, threats of self-harm due to fears of abandonment are very common. This article will help you understand borderline personality disorder and ways to help your teen with this disorder by using behavior modification therapy techniques. While the techniques that we cover in this article are very useful, they […]

At Home Behavioral Therapy Techniques You Can Try With Your Depressed Teen

“While everyone else / was living their life in color / depression froze me in place.” -Rupi Kaur, Home Body As Rupi Kaur explains in her poem, depression can feel like a sense of loss and emptiness. This article will help you understand your teen and their experience with depression and covers some of the […]

Behavioral Therapy Techniques For Teens With Anxiety You Can Try At Home

“I have never known anything more quietly loud than anxiety.” -Rupi Kaur, Home Body As the poet Rupi Kaur describes in her book of poems, anxiety can be terrifying for the person who has it. It’s so disturbing for many individuals who have it that the DSM-5, a psychology manual, mentions, “Generalized anxiety disorder is […]