Therapeutic Programs For Troubled Boys

Being a parent of a troubled boy can be incredibly difficult, especially as they grow into being troubled teenage boys. There are many options to help support parents of troubled boys, from parenting seminars to residential treatment centers for troubled boys. All of these programs offer to help those troubled boys straighten out their lives but not all of them are up to the task.

Why Choose Therapeutic Programs For Troubled Boys

Many resources for dealing with a troubled boy encourage parents to set stricter rules, enforced harsher penalties for rule-breaking, or send their troubled boys away to youth boot camps where their sons will be compelled to follow military-like discipline.

While these types of troubled boys programs may succeed in correcting negative behaviors for a short-time, it is not a long-term solution as it does not address the root cause behind the troubled behaviors.

To address the root cause behind troubled boys’ behaviors, boys require more than simple corrections to help them to change. While learning to correct their actions is an important aspect for troubled teen boys, it needs to be paired with a therapeutic program. With a therapeutic program and correction, troubled boys can successfully change their lives.

Parents See Their Troubled Boys Progress At Liahona Treatment Center

Liahona is a premier residential treatment center which runs a successful therapeutic program for troubled boys. We have years of experience building up troubled boys and helping them become outstanding young men. Our therapeutic program manages this in a variety of ways.

  • Immersive therapy - Liahona’s staff retains a psychiatric care provider as well as therapists which specialize in working with troubled boys. They are part of the team which develops your son’s care plan. You son will have weekly individual therapy, with more time given depending on his needs. He will also have daily group therapy so he can both give support to his peers and be supported in turn. There is also family therapy available so the whole family can work through issues together.
  • Tailored academics - Many troubled boys who come to Liahona have fallen behind academically. This aspect of troubled behavior is common, which is why Liahona employs a team of state-licensed teachers to help your son catch back up academically to his peers. We also have tutors available so your son can receive the individualized help that he needs.
  • Structured living - While in the progress of rebuilding their lives, troubled boys need a high amount of structure to help them develop new, positive behaviors. While we can and will adjust the daily program structure based on the boys’ individual needs, we have found that giving the troubled boys in our program a firmly structured daily program to follow allows them to grow in a secure manner.

We keep our enrollment limited so we can give quality care to the troubled boys in our care. Due to the limited enrollment and our highly structured program, parents are amazed at the changes they see in their troubled sons.

Kinds Of Troubled Boys Best Suited To Therapeutic Programs

Most troubled boys can benefit from being in a therapeutic program. However, some kinds of troubled behaviors are best suited to therapeutic programs over other options.

  • ADD/ADHD - These attention and hyperactivity disorders are common among troubled boys and are often accompanied by negative behaviors such as defiance, angry outbursts, slacking on responsibilities, and more. Therapeutic programs are especially good at helping troubled boys with ADD/ADHD learn new coping methods and overcoming poor habits.
  • Mood disorders - Troubled boys suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bipolar, and other mood-related disorders have found therapeutic programs a great place to address their issues. The structured living allows them to enjoy consistency while working with therapists help them manage their mood disorder.
  • Anger management - Many troubled boys are prone to lashing out either verbally or physically when angry. Therapeutic programs make a point of teaching boys more positive ways to manage their anger and make it clear how unacceptable it is to act out in anger.
  • Substance abuse/addiction - While Liahona is not a substance abuse detox facility, some of our residents have battled with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. Our therapeutic program modalities help troubled boys address their addictions and develop new coping methods so they don’t turn to their addictions to cope.

Be sure to talk to our enrollment specialists about your son’s specific needs so they can best advise you whether your son is a good fit for Liahona Treatment Center.

Chose Liahona’s Therapeutic Program For Troubled Boys

Liahona is an excellent residential treatment center for troubled boys. We are located in Southern Utah and have a history of helping deeply troubled teenage boys grow to become happy and successful young men. Our staff is dedicated to providing a top-notch therapeutic program to help troubled boys become the men they were meant to be.

While it can be difficult to make the choice to send your son away for therapeutic treatment, your decision can represent the turning point in your troubled son’s life. Contact us today to help your son start his transformation.