Liahona Treatment Center is known as a "family treatment program". We believe in bringing families together through treating personal and interpersonal issues. When someone has significant personal issues such as addiction, major defiance, anxiety, depression, etc.,  it negatively impacts the family relationships. By treating these significant personal as well as family issues, families are able to facilitate healing and rebuild their relationships with one another. 

Much of what Liahona does is designed to support and restore the family. The environment and operation of our school is founded upon a "family concept".  We act and move as a family. This allows for family and relationship dynamics to be addressed and worked on. Most of the parents of our students have expressed that they deeply appreciate the way we serve them and their son.

Our students re-learn what it is like to be a healthy, contributing member of a family; serving others, being considerate, and investing into the overall family experience.  Moreover, our students re-learn how to interact, communicate, and function effectively within a family unit, contributing to a give-and-take type of relationship. 

We feel that supplying families with an on going progress report is critical to ensuring families are active in the treatment  process. When it comes time for the student to return home, parents will be able to be an effective support system for their child.  There is also an ability for the parents to have access to their son's therapist at Liahona to provide assistance as the student is transitioning home after graduation for the first few months.

Family Therapy


Family visits are strongly encouraged while your child is in the program. This will increase the family's ability to apply what they have learned through out the program: practicing improved communication and healthy family dynamics as learned by the student in their therapeutic environment. Each family visit will start with a family therapy session led by your child’s therapist.


Family Therapy sessions are held every other week, alternating between the student’s individual sessions. We conduct these sessions over an online service called VSEE which is a secure on line service created for therapists or doctors; similar to Skype. Each family visit will also start with a family session. These therapy sessions are designed to help families understand the issues their son is currently working on and how they can assist in their treatment. Your child’s therapist can help parents understand how their child perceives their individual struggles, the symptoms that manifest because of these internal struggles, treatment recommendations, and how the parent can support the child during treatment. The family therapist is a vital part of the Liahona treatment program. It is important for the family to participate in this treatment to increase the success of the program for their child's long-term well-being.