​Financing A School For Troubled Teens

You have tried everything. Therapy, inpatient programs, family counseling, support groups, medication...nothing seems to work. Your teen has just gotten more and more out of hand. Now you are reaching the end of your rope and you are terrified. What happens if they do something so reckless that their future, or even safety, is threatened?

This has been the story for so many parents who have decided that a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center is the way forward. It is often the last ditch attempt at solving the deep, all encompassing issues that have been causing a rift in their family.

But with enrollment costing as much as $65,000 per year from some treatment centers, how does anyone afford it?

Financial Aid Options

These are inpatient residential treatment centers, but they are also schools. As such, many will have a financial aid officer who will be able to guide families towards financing options at their disposal. Some of these schools may even be subject to certain grants or scholarships, both funded by the government and by businesses and pillars within the community.

They will also be able to let you know about payment plans, tuition discounts and balloon payments.


Some insurance plans may be able to offset the costs - especially if you are working with a residential treatment center like Liahona Treatment Center. Therapy based schools for troubled teens are mental health institutions, alongside education centers. That means that insurance plans with more extensive mental health coverage may possibly qualify these under their plans.

Education Loans

Loans are one effective way to pay for tuition. Most schools will have a list of approved lenders that they frequently send their patients to. These include what are called educational loans. Similar to the loans you take out when you attend college, these are specifically applied to private school educations. You pay a percentage up front, then pay the rest back over time. Usually they do not accrue interest until the student is no longer enrolled.

Personal Loans

You may also get personal loans from your own financial institution. For more costly institutions, some families will go so far as to borrow against their mortgage. While this may sound like a huge undertaking, the idea is that a therapeutic boarding school is an investment in your child’s future.

Is a School For Troubled Teens Right for My Child?

Only you will know this. But if you have tried everything and no longer know where to turn, a residential treatment center may be just what you need. They offer a stable, secure environment, along with a balanced approach to mental health and academic improvement. Speak with our admissions specialists today to see if your insurance can cover a portion of your son's stay at Liahona Treatment Center.

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