Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys vs. Military Schools And Boot Camps

Raising a teen with behavioral issues such as defiance, depression, substance abuse or mental disorders can exhaust all of your emotional resources and leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. When troubled boys have not responded to any other options for healing, many parents turn to full time facilities for help. While programs such as military schools and boot camps might top the list because of their strict disciplinary regimen, they may not actually be the best option for your struggling son. Because so many teens act out because of deeper issues, simply treating the symptoms or “scaring them straight” will not have any long term effects. In addition, such programs have been condemned in many states because they rely on intimidation, manipulation and aggression to get results. In order for your child to make positive long term changes, you must get to the root of the problem through therapeutic methods and help him develop better coping skills. Full time programs such as therapeutic boarding school are one of the most effective solutions for troubled teen boys.

How Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Work?

Therapeutic boarding schools offer housing and round the clock coaching and care for teens that need an immersive environment, away from the distractions and temptations of home. They are monitored and kept secure as they work with qualified therapists and counselors dedicated to helping them learn to correct or manage their behavior. This consistent therapeutic approach in a supportive and healing environment helps troubled boys identify his challenges and treat the problems that lead to poor choices. The primary goal of therapeutic boarding schools is to help students make changes from the inside out and prepare them to handle daily temptation and triggers. This type of treatment has a greater success rate than any other method.

What Therapy Will My Son Receive?

Therapeutic boarding schools encourage change in teen boys through several kinds of therapy modalities. These include family, individual and group therapies. When combined with an academic program, recreational opportunities and basic life skills, each student has the chance to practice teamwork, effective interaction and better communication, which will be a life-long valuable resource.When it is time to transition home, both teens and their parents are coached through the process in order to maintain all the hard work accomplished.

If you have exhausted outpatient treatment options for your struggling teen, consider a program that will help him on a therapeutic level in order to invest in his long term emotional future.

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