Why Behavior Modification Works With Troubled Teens

Struggling teens can display a range of troubling behaviors, ranging from aggression to compulsive lying and delinquency. If teens are unable to change these behaviors with the help of their parents and local resources, it may be time to consider a behavioral modification program.

Behavior Modification Addresses The Root Problems

A behavior modification addresses the root of your teen’s troubles. Other programs—like teen boot camps—generally just teens that those with power can arbitrarily punish them and force them to conform for a short time. However, many children that attend these behavior conforming programs simply act in line enough to go home and revert to their former behaviors.

In fact, many parents have discussed with us here at Liahona Treatment Center their regret at not going straight for a behavioral modification program. With a behavior modification program like our, therapy is at the forefront of our program.

With therapeutic help, teens can confront the reasons why they are acting out. For some, it may be that they need to deal with low self-esteem, misplaced anger, helplessness, and other struggles that can lead to lashing out and poor behavior overall. By understanding what is causing the behavior, troubled teens are finally able to change, rather than continue to be frustrated and stuck.

Teens Can Work With Actionable Therapy

Now, for most parents that send children to our behavior modification program, therapy has been attempted. Usually at least a couple of talk therapists and school counselors have been coordinated with to little avail. But a behavior modification program provides more than just talk therapy.

Teens need action. While learning about the reasons behind their actions is essential to change, a troubled teen also needs therapy that enables them to take action. That’s why a good behavioral modification program will have different types of therapy—such as experiential therapy—that allow teens to implement the things they have learned through therapy.

With this format, many teens are able to graduate from behavior modification programs and lead successful lives. One example of this would be Jared Kruse, a graduate of Liahona.

He went from nearly failing out of high school to having a high GPA and being scouted to play sports in college. As this kind of turnaround is what most parents dream of, it makes sense to give your child the best chance possible by having them attend a behavioral modification program.

Issues That Are Best Addressed By Behavior Modification

There are many issues that teens struggle with that can be successfully addressed by attending a behavioral modification program. Some of the behavioral issues that can be addressed with this type of program are:

  • Anger management
  • Depression
  • Risky sexual activity
  • Delinquency
  • Substance abuse
  • Poor grades
  • Anxiety

If you would like to learn more about Liahona and see if we can help your teenage son back onto the right path, contact us today!

We have program advisors who are ready to help you learn everything you need to know and see if our behavior modification program can help your teenage son become the man you know he is meant to be.

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