Military School for Troubled Teens

When your teenage son is behaving badly and damaging his future at school, work and with friends and family, you may be ready to take the next step and provide him with some serious professional help. Many parents believe that military schools for troubled teens are the answer. However, military schools are not the proper place for teens with behavioral, emotional or mental health issues. In fact, you might also find that therapeutic boarding schools are not what your boy needs. Oftentimes, residential treatment programs like Liahona Treatment Center can be superior to military schools as a place where troubled youth can go for help and healing.

If Liahona's licensed residential treatment program sounds like a better option than military programs or therapeutic boarding schools for your troubled boy needs please call us at 1-855-587-1416.

What Is Military School?

You probably have a certain image in your head as to what a military school is, but odds are that image has been created by Hollywood and the media. The truth is, however, that a military school is not an environment where a troubled teen can be helped. In fact, almost all military schools in the United States are selective and won't even admit troubled teens into their program.

Military schools do not offer the therapeutic aspects that are necessary for a struggling teen to learn, heal, recover and progress. This is why many parents decide to send their teenager to a residential treatment center like Liahona. Unlike military boarding schools for boys, Liahona Treatment Center is specifically designed to provide professional therapy and academic help to teens who suffer from a range of issues. Military schools, on the other hand, are designed to prepare teens for a life as a military officer. There is no therapeutic or behavioral modification component in military school, so it doesn't make sense to send a troubled teen there.

Conditions Troubled Teens Face While In Miltary Schools Or Traditional Schools

Without proper intervention, troubled teens can take action that will jeopardize their futures, and even their current health and wellness. Professional therapy in a safe and secure clinical program is one of the few ways to reduce the risk of your teenager becoming a statistic.

Here are just a few of the sobering statistics for teen at-risk behavior:

  • In one typical day, more than 1,400 teens attempt suicide.
  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds.
  • More than 3,500 teens run away every day.
  • A teen is arrested every 4 minutes for an alcohol-related crime.
  • A teen is arrested every 7 minutes for a drug-related crime.
  • Nearly 40% of teen girls know of someone who is in an abusive relationship.

Don't let your teenage son become a statistic by leaving him in a military school or a traditional school that simply doesn't have the experience to help him overcome his challenges. Therapy, academic help, and recreational therapy are what it takes to become his best self.

Alternatives to Military Schools for Troubled Boys

Rather than send your son to a military school for troubled boys, consider a program like ours that will provide lasting skills and professional therapy. Our goal is to give him a truly healing experience and prepare him to succeed as an adult. When teens are struggling with behavior issues,
from being disrespectful or manipulative to outright rebellious, military boarding schools and even therapeutic boarding schools are not the answer--licensed residential treatment programs are.

Here are the five factors that Liahona Treatment Center has over military schools for boys:

  1. Well-regulated. Liahona Treatment Center is located in Utah, a state with some of the strictest laws on teen help facilities. We meet or exceeds all the laws and
    regulations for teen therapy facilities, so you'll have peace of
    mind when you send their troubled boy to us.
  2. Academics. Liahona Treatment Center employs licensed teachers to work with boys at their own pace, yet challenging them to do well at grade level and beyond. With individual education plans, each boy can gain the knowledge they need to earn a high school diploma.
  3. Therapy. Liahona Treatment Center has licensed and experienced therapists who hold group and individual sessions with boys to get to the root of their issues.
  4. Recreation. Liahona Treatment Center is close to a number of natural wonders, state parks, and recreation spots. Boys here participate in all kinds of recreational and adventure therapy, like hiking, mountain biking, camping,
    snow skiing and rock climbing.
  5. Life Skills and Leadership. Liahona Treatment Center will give your son the chance to develop positive relationships with peers and counselors and teach him what it means to be a leader. We set up or program so that each boy learns how to become independent and transition successfully from teen to adult.

All these reasons and more are why Liahona Treatment Center is superior to any military school for troubled teens or therapeutic boarding school. Isn't it time that your troubled teenager comes to our residential treatment center so we can steer him back onto the road to success?

Liahona Treatment Center is a Better Choice Than Military Schools for Troubled Teen Boys

Liahona Treatment Center, located in beautiful southern Utah, is a safe and secure place where troubled teen boys can overcome their issues and make the transition toward adulthood. It's always a good idea to get troubled teens away from their current environment and Utah is just a short drive or plane ride away. With hundreds of successful graduates, we are proud of our track record with young men and want to share our program and its fine results with your family.

When your teenage son has gone beyond the help that you or teachers, high school counselors or others can provide, please consider enrolling him at Liahona Treatment Center instead of some military school for troubled kids or a traditional boarding school. Our therapeutic program is designed to provide structure and discipline for all those teen boys who struggle with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. We have a strict, supportive, family-style environment that promotes self-esteem and healing via therapy, high impact activities, and academic success. Every boy deserves a chance at happiness, no matter what he's done, and at Liahona Treatment Center, we can give him that chance.

Call Liahona Treatment Center today at 1-855-587-1416 to get more information on how we help teen boys focus on changing their negative behaviors and become