FAQ for Liahona Treatment Center

Will insurance pay for treatment at Liahona Treatment Center?


While Liahona is not an “in-network” provider for any health insurance companies, some insurance companies do provide for out of network benefits. We do our best to maximize your benefits through your insurance carrier by billing for the residential treatment care along with the clinical and therapeutic care provided to the patients who have been admitted into Liahona’s residential treatment center. Liahona Treatment Center submits all medical bills along with explanation of services to your provider so that you may maximize your reimbursement for the services provided. Ask our Admissions Director for additional information and for a benefit check to see if you may have out-of-network coverage.

**Please keep in mind that no matter what your insurance quotes for coverage prior to entrance, IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THEY WILL COVER THE SERVICES PROVIDED.  We are simply relaying your benefit information.  No promises or guarantees are being made.  The insurance companies will only pay for the treatment if they believe that it is medically necessary.

Does Liahona Treatment Center practice Religion?


Liahona Treatment Center is set up as a non-denominational residential treatment center with Certified non- denominational pastors from surrounding churches coming in once weekly. Attendance is optional for the Patients; however, at some point the Spiritual Aspect of Self will need to be developed. This is a process that can be nurtured by the parents as the therapist plays a more supportive role rather than the lead. Our therapists support the direction of the parents wholeheartedly.


Will my child be working towards a High school diploma, or a G.E.D.?


As your son progresses in Liahona Treatment Center’s clinical and therapeutic program, he will be able to work towards a high school diploma, not a G.E.D. Liahona Treatment Center's education program is nationally accredited through AdvancEd (formally Northwest Accreditation Commission). We have 8 State Licensed Teachers and 4 certified tutors who are ready and willing to help your child succeed academically. We do have the ability to work with existing 504 plans and IEP’s (Individualized Education Plans.) To view our accreditation, please click on the following link:




Is the Clinical/Therapeutic Program at Liahona Treatment Center done by licensed professionals?


Yes. Out clinical team consists of a Utah licensed Medical Doctor, a Utah licensed Psychiatric Care Provider, 5 Utah licensed Registered Nurses and our Therapists are LCSW certified or above. Therapy Modalities are as follows: Family, Group, Individual and Experiential.


Depending on the patient’s needs and required level of care, our medical doctor, along with our primary psychiatric care provider and registered nurses will see and examine your son on a regular basis to review his medical and mental health needs.


Family therapy is done via a HIPAA compliant Video Telemedicine program once your son has achieved the applicable level to participate.


Group Therapy is done daily. Specialty Groups are also assigned and are specifically designed to address individual needs in the group. Group therapy will be broken down into the following categories but additional categories may be added as needed:


  • Substance Abuse
  • Attachment
  • Grief and Loss
  • Self Esteem
  • Anger management
  • Music
  • Life Skills
  • Pornography Addiction


Individual therapy is done on a weekly basis but possibly more depending upon the student. This is assessed on an individual basis.


Will my son ever leave campus?


For those boys who have achieved the higher levels, every Thursday is an off-campus activity. These activities include but are not limited to, hiking, service projects, boating, swimming, movie and pizza time and each activity is usually followed up with a trip to a restaurant in the community. These weekly activities are earned as well as additional opportunities to leave campus for many of the same reasons previously listed.


Is Liahona Treatment Center a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility?


Liahona Treatment Center is licensed as a Mental Health Residential Treatment Center. We are not licensed as a Substance Abuse Treatment Center. However, Liahona Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis facility offering help with a variety of issues such as ADD/ADHD or ODD, but we also help with substance abuse recovery because the two generally go hand in hand. Even though we are not a detox facility, we do understand that some of the patients have learned to self-medicate using marijuana and other harmful substances. In our therapeutic program, Liahona Treatment Center works with the 12-step program as the module for recovery.


What if my son has not tried drugs and I don’t want him to be around kids who have?


While some of our Patients may have been introduced to harmful substances, a lot of them have not. We separate the issues by dealing with the substance abuse counseling in a separate group so that no “War” stories are being shared. We do our best to isolate the issues to the Patients dealing with them. The culture of Liahona is not typical in the sense that the Patients commonly talk with one another about their past issues with substances. It is not a topic that is allowed to be discussed outside of therapy for this exact purpose. To date, we have not had drug free Patients enter the program, only to leave with curiosity and willingness to experiment. Quite the opposite occurs. They become much more inclined to deny the peer pressure when the moment arises in the future.