Liahona Academic Program

Liahona Academy’s Mission Statement

The mission of Liahona Academy is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each student can develop the mental, emotional, and physical skills necessary to become a productive and contributing member of society.

For parents of troubled boys the desire for academic support (academic recovery) is typically one of the most important elements when looking for residential treatment centers.  When searching for the perfect therapeutic option parents obviously want to effectively deal with the behavioral and emotional problems.  However, academics is very rarely considered a "secondary issue".  Parents of troubled boys want both, therapeutic and academic recovery. At Liahona Academy therapy and academics are equally as important.

Liahona Academy's accredited academic program is based upon a "college-bound" curriculum. Any credits your son earns at Liahona Academy will transfer back to your son's high school.  We specialize in grade repair and credit recovery while encouraging our students to further their education.  Our student's academic pursuits are extremely important to their overall "life vision". Liahona Academic Programs

Our curriculum is designed to allow the students to advance at their own pace, neither hindering their development nor allowing them to advance before they are ready.  This academic approach is very appealing to troubled boys, and often they begin to excel in ways you'd never dream.

At Liahona Academy each academic course is taught by certified teachers in very small class sizes. Every student is taught courses specific to their needs (required to receive the credits they need to earn a high school diploma).  Moreover, each student recieves individual help by certified teachers.  This is essential to our academic success.

Our academic program focuses on credit recovery and grade repair.  Most of our students, upon completion of the program, have caught up to their credit requirements and in some cases have gone beyond. Moreover, our students are able to make up classes and substantially improve their GPA. Liahona students respond very well to the structured support offered by our dedicated teachers.