Drug Rehab Programs Troubled Boys

Drug rehab programs for troubled boys are programs designed to treat and arrest drug addiction.  Drug rehab treatment centers for boys are located throughout the United States, and many communities have several program options.  The problem is that parents usually do not know what program is best for their child.  There are many different approaches, and many different options.  But they are not all the same, and they certainly do not offer the same success. Drug Rehab Treatment Programs Troubled Boys

The main problem with drug rehab programs is the fact that the programs only work for "motivated" clients.  Meaning, in order to work the client must be motivated to overcome drug problems.  Most adolescents will not admit that they have a problem, and if they do admit it they refuse to cooperate and reject treatment.  Most drug rehab programs for adolescents are awesome programs.  But most do not work.  The simple reason is that adolescents are usually not ready to engage in the treatment process.

Our recommendation for parents of troubled boys is to look at residential treatment centers, or RTC's.  Residential treatment centers are long-term programs that provide drug treatment, academics, and long-term behavioral health services.  Meaning, a residential treatment center is better suited to help troubled boys who are unwilling to accept drug rehab.  Residential treatment centers are 9 months to 18 months in duration.  They treat drug addiction, anxiety, bipolar, depression, oppositional defiance, ADD/ADHD, and many other disorders.

Drug Rehab Programs that Work - RTC's

When a young man enters a residential treatment program it takes 30 to 90 days before he is willing to look at his issues.  Most troubled boys take one to three months to come to terms with their problems.  Once they become willing to look at their behavior and choices, and once they understand that they need help, they begin to engage in the treatment process.  Residential treatment centers are safe long-term treatment programs that offer emotional growth, emotional intelligence, academics, community services, fitness, therapy, and addiction treatment.

Liahona Academy is a long-term residential treatment center for troubled boys and we provide outstanding drug rehab programs.  Our drug rehab program is based on the 12 Step model, and includes individual and group therapy.  When you combine our experiential leadership program, community service projects, athletics, and non-traditional "experiential recreation activities" you will find that our program is specifically designed with boys in mind.  We keep our students engaged and busy, productive, and ultimately they are able to return home having overcome drug addiction, overcome school failure, and restored to the family as well.

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