Schools & Programs for Troubled Boys

Schools and therapeutic programs designed to provide treatment for troubled boys are available in almost every state in the US. Liahona Academy is very popular among parents, and to be very honest we are often fully enrolled with a waiting list for new students. 

Therefore, when we are full, and parents need immediate help, we are dedicated to helping them find an appropriate alternative school or program.  For help finding the perfect solution, please call our Admissions Counselor at 855-587-1416.  We can help. Therapeutic Schools & Programs for Troubled Boys

Below you can learn more about the different types of therapeutic schools and programs

Therapeutic Schools & Programs by Type

Therapeutic Boarding Schools
All Boys Boarding Schools Troubled Teens
Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys
Substance Abuse Treatment for Troubled Boys
Drug Rehab Programs for Troubled Boys
Group Homes for Troubled Boys
Behavioral Modification Programs Troubled Boys

Summer Camps for Troubled Teens