Liahona is Accepting Guest Posts - Write For Us!

If you have been looking to expand your reach as a writer and want to be part of a supportive parenting community, then you have come to the right place! Liahona is looking for contributing writers like you to bring your unique voice and experience to our readers.

Liahona Guest Post Submissions Open

Here at Liahona, we are looking for original articles written by industry professionals, parents with insights to share, and other bloggers who have developed a strong writing style that can connect with our readers. Any articles submitted through our guest post submission process need to be 100% original as well as not being previously published before.

As our readers are parents and guardians of troubled teens, any contributor article should be a topic which addresses the issues facing these caregivers. For more specifics on what Liahona is looking for in your guest post submission, be sure to read our guidelines below.

Benefits of Writing For Us

When you choose to write for Liahona, you can benefit by:

  • Participate in a community that focuses on positive parenting
  • Enjoy greater reach with your writing as well as further exposure
  • Provide struggling caregivers with new insights to help with their teens
  • Have your written work read by our audience and shared through our channels

Liahona Guest Post Guidelines

To make sure that the quality of content that we offer to our readers remains high, Liahona has guest post guidelines you will need to adhere to before we choose to publish your work on our website. These contributor writer posting guidelines are:

  • High-quality article - First and foremost, your submitted article must provide high-quality content to our readers. We will not accept any article that reads like it was thrown together and lacks a cohesive message. Be sure the article is focused and reads well before submitting.
  • Appropriate topics - When considering what to write for our audience, we encourage you to focus on topics which relate to the parenting of teenagers. Tangentially, these topics can also include current issues teens struggle with, medical conditions which can affect how parents raise teens, and other considerations.
  • Minimum word count - To help ensure that contributor submissions provide quality, we require that all guest posts be at least 750 words long at minimum. You are welcome to write more, though submissions over 2,000 words may be broken into two articles.
  • Article formatting - When it comes to the readability of your content, be sure to use subtitles and other text-enrichment tools such as numbered lists, bold fonts, etc.
  • Article tone - On Liahona, we have striven to provide our readers with high-quality information on parenting troubled teens. To conform to this, your guest post should have a positive tone overall while remaining informational.
  • 100% unique - As mentioned prior, we are only accepting articles that are unique content and have not been published before. We will be checking before we accept any contributor article.
  • Liahona links - Inside of the content of your article, we require that you have two in-text links to pages on Liahona. Any of our educational pages or blog posts will work as links.
  • Outside links - Outside links to resources such as studies, infographics, and authorities sites with statistics are acceptable to link to within your article. These resource links should add value to your article and strengthen your overall message. We will NOT accept links which lead to loan sites, gambling websites, e-commerce websites, adult entertainment websites, or spammy websites. We also will NOT accept links that go to other websites which deal with troubled teen treatment such as rehabilitation centers, troubled teen boarding schools, or similar sites. Liahona reserves the right to remove any links we deem as inappropriate without notifying the writer.
  • Error-free content - As there are many free and paid tools you can use to ensure your submitted guest post is error-free, we expect submissions to have no spelling errors and next to no grammatical issues. We may work with writers to edit articles, but if there are many errors, we may request a more thorough re-write to ensure your submission is error-free.

When you choose to submit a post to Liahona, please keep in mind that we have the right to reject the content if it does not fit our written guidelines or the quality and direction of our blog.

Submitting Your Contributor Article To Liahona

Our submission process for guest post articles is fairly straightforward. All you will need to do is:

  1. Contact before writing - To help improve your odds of being published on Liahona, we ask that you contact us before you start writing your article. In the contact form which you will find at the end of this page, please tell us about the general topic and direction you would like to take with your proposed article. Also, please include a little bit about yourself, and be sure to include 2-3 examples of your other published work. If you have a working title, please also include that with your topic submission.
  2. Topic approval - After you have submitted your topic idea for approval, we will generally contact you within a week of your guest post topic submission. Please wait patiently and don’t make multiple submissions. Also, we may ask for a change in direction even if your topic is approved of so your article has a consistent tone with the rest of our site.
  3. Submit article - Once your topic is approved of and your article is completed, you can submit your article by emailing the google doc link to the email we will provide you with once your topic is accepted. As part of your article submission, please send a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself and include a high-quality headshot of yourself.

If Your Guest Post Is Accepted

Once you have submitted your contributor article to Liahona, the guest post acceptance process is fairly simple.

  1. After submitting your full article, we'll let you know within 2 weeks if we will be publishing your post and what you need to do next.
  2. We will edit the article as we see fit
  3. After publishing, we will send the article out through our social channels including things like facebook, twitter, and other social media outreach channels. We ask that you do the same.

If you have read through our guidelines and still feel like you are up to the task of submitting a high-quality article to Liahona, be sure to fill out our contact form below. We look forward to working with you to provide our audience with your unique insights.

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