Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Troubled Boys in Rhode Island

Addiction is a serious issue that troubled boys in Rhode Island often struggle with; help is available through substance abuse treatment centers. Parents of troubled boys in Rhode Island will be happy to know that Substance abuse treatment centers are available to assist their struggling teens. Troubled boys who are struggling with drug use will […]

Teens Who Struggle With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

One of the most debilitating mental health issues that troubled teens to struggle with is obsessive-compulsive disorder. At Liahona Academy, we have seen the impact this can have on the lives of teens and we urge you to seek out treatment if you have a teen that is struggling with OCD. By sending your teen […]

Troubled Teens and Pervasive Dark Thoughts

Troubled teens that struggle with pervasive dark thoughts have a variety of therapeutic options available to assist them in this difficult time. Dark or negative thoughts can be crippling in the lives of troubled teens. These thoughts, more often than not, prevent troubled teens from working on their issues. It is not uncommon for troubled […]

When Teens Feel Overwhelmed By the Stress of Their Parents

Parents that are struggling with severe stress can often overlook the fact that their children are effected by the strain. The responsibilities of parenthood can be daunting and most teens are not emotionally mature enough to understand the stress that all parents are a party to. Teens that begin to feel overwhelmed by the stress […]

Helping Troubled Teens Avoid Despair

Troubled teens often feel despair when their thoughts revolve around things they are unable to control. Stress and anxiety are common feelings that are often present around these thoughts hoplessness. It is imperative for parents of troubled teens to teach their son or daughter how to know the difference between things you can control, and […]

Using Stress as an Opportunity for Change in the Lives of Troubled Teens

Stress is something that all teens will struggle with from time to time. However, what is important to remember, is that through adversity teens will shape who they will become. Parents of troubled teens can use stress as an opportunity to help teens change their lives for the better. On one had overcoming stressful situations […]

The Physical Effects of Depression in Troubled Teens

Depression is a serious issue that can and will affect the body physically if it is not addressed. Many people do not realize the connection between mental health and physical health. Depression in troubled teens, more often than not, leads to a decrease in physical activities.  For obvious reasons the isolation and lack of activity […]

Avoiding Negative Thinking in Troubled Teens

Troubled teens often struggle with negative thinking, which can lead to poor decisions and negative consequences. Parents of troubled teens need to encourage their children to avoid negative thinking. Teens that lack a positive outlook are more likely to suffer from depression or even begin acting out negatively. It is for this reason that parents […]

How Anxiety Can Be an Obstacle to Success for Troubled Teens

Although anxiety is a common issue among troubled teens, it can very easily become an obstacle that impedes their success. Anxiety if not addressed properly can deter troubled teens from taking action for the betterment of their lives. The causes of anxiety are many; however troubled teens must learn how to positively and effectively work […]

Self-Perception Issues in Troubled Teens

How troubled teens perceive themselves can affect a wide variety of things including friends, choices, and plans for the future. It is imperative for parents of troubled teens to instill a positive image and a feeling of self-worth in their teens and who they are. Too many negative choices are caused by a poor or […]