Balance Is Important When It Comes to Teens and Extracurricular Activities

  Extracurricular activities have been proven to have countless benefits for teens. From helping to improve their grades to better behavior in and out of school, as well as positively affecting their mental health. However, pushing your teen too far and too hard during such a stressful time of their lives can cause them to […]

Parents Preventing Drug Abuse: 11 Ways to Help Your Teens Steer Clear of Drugs

The United Nations has declared June 26th as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Worldwide substance abuse has an impact on society, economy and health. The UN works to raise awareness about illicit drug trafficking as an international problem and encourages communities to promote recovery programs and to empower youth to face […]

What To Do With An Out-Of-Control Teenager

No parent expects that their son or daughter will grow up to become an out-of-control teenager who needs the help of professional treatment to help them overcome their poor behavior. But it can be tough to differentiate between normal teenage angst and boundary-pushing and a teen that is genuinely out of control. To help you […]

Reconciling with Your Troubled Teen Son

You’ve had a big, blow-out fight with your teen and now you don’t know how to start the process of reconciliation. The disagreement may have been over something trivial, or it may have been because your teen did something seriously wrong. Whatever the cause of the argument, you both are angry and upset, and yet […]

Parents Checklist for Sending Their Son to a School for Troubled Teens

You’re considering sending your son to a school for troubled teens. Maybe you’ve already decided on a therapeutic boarding school. You want to be confident that this is the best choice for your teen, so that he can get the help he needs for his emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. You also want to […]

Addictions that Can Be Treated in a Residential Treatment Center

Addictions don’t just happen in a vacuum. First, there’s an underlying cause – some behavioral, emotional, or psychological issue that compels a person to escape into an addiction. Then, there’s the availability of the addictive substance or access to things that support the addictive behaviors. People can become addicted to substances, such as drugs or […]

Parents Can Use ‘World No Tobacco Day’ Teach Their Teens

There are many parents and educators who are under the false impression that teens are using less and less tobacco. While those who work at teen therapeutic boarding schools know better—tobacco use by teens is skyrocketing. Tobacco Use Among Tweens And Teen On The Rise The number of teens who smoke cigarettes and other more […]

Behavior Modification Programs Help Boys Aspire For College

Troubled teenage boys who are able to participate in a behavioral modification program are able to alter a number of troubling behaviors. As troubled teen boys change, their prior goal—or lack of goals—also change. In fact, with the help of a behavioral modification program, many parents are surprised that their previously unmotivated boys are both […]

If You Don’t Feel Depression Medication Is Enough For Your Son, Try A Residential Treatment Center

Depression is difficult to manage for an adult who has life skills to rely on as well as prescribed medication. So, it only makes sense that your son may need more than just his depression medication to help him overcome his depression. If your son has been struggling with his depression, instead of having his […]

My Teenage Son Refuses to See A Therapist. What Are My Options?

Finding help for your troubled teenage son via therapy can be met with acceptance or refusal. Some teen boys will welcome the opportunity to meet with a therapist, but that is not always the case. If you tried everything you know to do to convince your soon to go to therapy, you may feel like […]