Co-parenting a Troubled Teen in Need of a Therapeutic Boarding Program

Co-parenting children after divorce is already difficult, even in amicable divorces. But when you are struggling with a troubled teen who needs to attend a therapeutic boarding school program to receive the help they need, co-parenting can become even more difficult. If you have been considering sending your teen to a residential treatment center or […]

Why We Recommend Long-Term Residential Treatment For Troubled Teens

Parents of teens engaging in risky behaviors are often confronted with the decision to choose between short-term treatment for their troubled teens or long-term treatment at a residential treatment center. There are benefits to both options. If you are wondering which type of treatment is right for your troubled teenager, Liahona Treatment Center is here […]

My Teen Son is Vaping Behind My Back, What Do I Do?

While e-cigarettes have been helpful to adults looking to quit smoking, it is alarming how quickly vaping has caught on with teenagers. From 2017 to 2019, the number of high schoolers who are vaping has doubled. Many people attribute the spike in teen usage to the tasty vapor liquids and the false claim that vaping—also […]

Cyberbullying Awareness: National Block It Out Day

Bullying used to be something that required you to be in the presence of the bully for it to happen. Yet with the rise of technology, a bully can invade your home, and their target is likely to be your child. As most teens—and many younger children—use social media, the impact of cyberbullying has grown, […]

How Long Do You Endure a Teen’s Behavior Before Seeking a Troubled Teen School for Help

Often it can be difficult for parents to deciding to send their troubled teens to a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center. Some parents will try to put it off for as long as possible. These parents will continue to—rightfully—seek other methods of treatment. But what do you do if the other methods of […]

Sending a Teen to a Therapeutic Boarding School Before the Holiday Season Begins

When it comes to sending a teen away to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens right before the holiday season gets underway, it can be tough to make that call. There will be questions from family and friends, and the high emphasis on family togetherness during the holidays can make your decision difficult to […]

When You’ve Decided Your Teen’s ‘Back To School’ Will Be Different

By the time most parents consider sending their teen to a boarding school for troubled teens, often that teen has been expelled from at least one school before. And no matter what promises were made by the teen to shape up over the summer, it’s the same old story—calls from family and friends about the […]

Values & Standards: Help Teens Set & Standby Them

Something that many parents mention to us as their teenage sons graduate from our boarding school for troubled teens is that the parents wish they had emphasized the right values and standards more with their struggling teens. In most cases, these teens had known their families values when they were younger, but without reinforcement and […]

5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Kids the Right Values

Teaching your children the right values sets them up for success as adults. It is perhaps one of the most important lessons parents can instil in their children, and contributes to creating compassionate, well-rounded members of society. However, the task of teaching values is sometimes viewed as subjective or abstract. Here are five practical ways […]

Balance Is Important When It Comes to Teens and Extracurricular Activities

  Extracurricular activities have been proven to have countless benefits for teens. From helping to improve their grades to better behavior in and out of school, as well as positively affecting their mental health. However, pushing your teen too far and too hard during such a stressful time of their lives can cause them to […]