Keeping Your Family Connected With Family Meetings

How often do you and your family sit down to just talk and truly listen? You may feel like your family is constantly together, with running errands, school drop-offs, and pickups, weekend trips for recitals, or sporting event games. But in truth, this time doesn’t always give most families the time to connect, listen, feel […]

How Does RAD Impact Parenting Styles

No two children are alike, and our parenting styles need to slightly adapt to the needs of each child. If you have a child with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), there are additional challenges to adjust to. RAD can be characterized by an inability of a child or teen to establish a strong and healthy attachment […]

Where to Turn When Nothing Else Works for Your Out of Control Teen

Being a parent can be overwhelming, and your out-of-control teen may leave you feeling beyond overwhelmed. You’ve tried setting down firm household rules; you’ve metered out appropriate consequences; you’ve tried therapy, and so much more. What next? A teen that is out of control can take a significant toll on the lives of everyone around […]

8 Ways to Implement Better Family Routines

When your children were babies and toddlers, you knew just how important routine was for all of you. They needed to eat at a certain time, nap at a certain time, and go to bed at a certain time. If anything got wonky in their routine, it could cause chaos for the whole day. Having […]

How to Choose the Right Therapeutic Boarding School

A therapeutic boarding school can offer a world of benefits for a struggling teen. While some parents may be hesitant to send their teen to a boarding school, the majority find that their teens can better address the behavioral and mental wellness concerns. Therapeutic boarding schools offer your teen the ability to keep their education […]

How to Approach Family Therapy With Your Teen

If your teen has been acting out, displaying uncharacteristic behavior that has taken a toll on everyone around them, it might be time to consider family therapy. How can you convince a reluctant and potentially angry teen to join the rest of the family in therapy, though? If your teen argues with you about even […]

What to do When Video Games Become an Addiction

It seems like videos games and teens were made for one another. Teens can often be found spending hours each day playing a range of games that they enjoy. While there is sometimes an important social aspect to playing video games with friends near and far, parents must be aware of some serious concerns. Casual […]

5 Tips to Help Kids With Panic Attacks at School

If you’ve ever struggled with a panic attack, you know how it can make you feel both during and after. As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to imagine your teen going through anxiety and panic attacks. What triggers your panic attack may not be the same things that are triggering your teen. This can […]

Teen Out of Control Behavior: Handling Defiance, Anger and Poor Grades

It’s a relatively normal developmental milestone for teens to begin to show signs of rebellious or defiant behavior. In some situations, things can take a turn towards the more challenging. Your teen may display signs of anger towards everyone in the family. His once sweet personality may take a turn for the defiant and dark. […]

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