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Resiliency: What Does It Look like in Teens

“Trauma robs you of the feeling that you are in charge of yourself, of […] self-leadership […]. The challenge of recovery is to reestablish ownership of your body and your mind–of yourself. This means feeling free to know what you know and to feel what you feel without becoming overwhelmed, enraged, ashamed, or collapsed” — […]

Your Teen Can’t Outgrow Trauma

“Why can’t you just let it go?” That’s often a question many survivors of trauma are asked as they process the trauma that they’ve experienced. This question may also be asked especially to groups of people like young males feeling pressured to appear “strong” and not express their emotions. Keeping this question in mind, this […]

The Many Different Faces of Your Teen’s Anxiety

Upset stomach, butterflies, and being on edge. Anxiety can show up in teens in a lot of different ways. This article will help you understand how anxiety might manifest itself in teens and what you can do to help your teenager. What Exactly is Anxiety? Anxiety is a feeling that everyone experiences. It’s the feeling […]

Teen Popularity and Why Your Teen Could Be Acting Out Because Of It

Teens have a host of life questions that they’re trying to understand and address. In the famous psychologist’s Erik Erickson’s stages of development, he talks about how teens are trying to answer questions like: “Who am I?” “What is important to me?” “Where do I fit in?” Keeping this developmental stage in mind, this article […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder: It’s More Than Being a “Typical Teenager”

If you’ve ever taken an introductory psychology course in high school or college, or have read a bit on self-help and relationships, then you’ve probably heard of attachment styles. Attachment styles are different ways of relating to others that have been fostered in childhood. For instance, if your parents were sometimes unavailable and neglectful, then […]

Parents Protest Masks: Teens Willing to Wear Them

The COVID-19 epidemic has led to concerns regarding education, social compliance, personal freedoms, work, health care, and social responsibility. While many parents focus on their, and their children’s personal rights, teens have often taken a different route. Though some teens are handling issues related to the pandemic well, others struggle with feelings of anxiety, alienation, […]

8 Family Building Activities That Keep Your Teen Close

Teenagers don’t like to admit it, but they still need their parents, and they still want to spend time with them. While it’s natural for teens to become more independent, it’s also important for parents to find ways to spend time with their teens and strengthen family bonds. Typically teens that lose this close and […]

Why Your Teen Needs Friends Outside Of School

Your teenager’s school friends are an important part of their social development. But, this circle of friends isn’t always enough. Sometimes, a teen’s school friends are a poor influence on them, which can lead your teenager down a troubled path that requires therapeutic intervention. Or maybe your teen doesn’t have that much in common, just […]

Your Teen Boy and The Confusing Life of Dating

Being a teenage boy is difficult enough in itself, but when your teen starts to date, his life gets even more complicated. Teens have quickly changing moods, volatile emotions, and very little idea how to navigate a healthy relationship with a dating partner. Be sure to talk to your teen often about healthy dating relationships, […]