2019 Shocking Statistics on Bullying

More parents, educators, and professionals who work with troubled youth are talking about bullying and its impact on adolescents. Yet, if the current statistics on bullying are any indication, there is still a long way to go when it comes to bullying. Illuminating Statistics On Bullying There is unfortunately a lot of available statistics on […]

How Do You Control a Rebellious Teenager?

Parenting can be difficult enough with your average teen who is learning to become a responsible young adult. But for parents of rebellious and out-of-control teens, protecting your teen from harmful things is that much more difficult. Most parents who have contacted our residential treatment center for teen boys have expressed their frustration with their […]

Raising Hard Workers: Tips for Helping Lazy Teens Be Productive

It can seem like every time you take your eye off of your teen, they are playing on their phone or taking their fifth nap that day. Lazy teens are nothing new, but it can seem like there is even more to distract modern teens from the things they should be doing. Here at Liahona […]

Why Behavior Modification Works With Troubled Teens

Struggling teens can display a range of troubling behaviors, ranging from aggression to compulsive lying and delinquency. If teens are unable to change these behaviors with the help of their parents and local resources, it may be time to consider a behavioral modification program. Behavior Modification Addresses The Root Problems A behavior modification addresses the […]

When You’ve Decided Your Teen’s ‘Back To School’ Will Be Different

By the time most parents consider sending their teen to a boarding school for troubled teens, often that teen has been expelled from at least one school before. And no matter what promises were made by the teen to shape up over the summer, it’s the same old story—calls from family and friends about the […]

Values & Standards: Help Teens Set & Standby Them

Something that many parents mention to us as their teenage sons graduate from our boarding school for troubled teens is that the parents wish they had emphasized the right values and standards more with their struggling teens. In most cases, these teens had known their families values when they were younger, but without reinforcement and […]

5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Kids the Right Values

Teaching your children the right values sets them up for success as adults. It is perhaps one of the most important lessons parents can instil in their children, and contributes to creating compassionate, well-rounded members of society. However, the task of teaching values is sometimes viewed as subjective or abstract. Here are five practical ways […]

What To Do About Your Teen’s Bad Friends

Every parent dreads the idea that their child will fall in with the wrong crowd because they know that it can be incredibly difficult to detach a teen from their bad friends. Some parents eventually opt to send their teen to a boarding school for troubled teens to pry their teenager away from negative influences. […]

5 Things in the Summer to Keep Troublesome Teens Busy

Kids look forward to those carefree days of summer, when they can enjoy life at a slower pace. But teens often use the unstructured freedom of summer break to get into all kinds of trouble, including trouble with the law for violent behavior, destruction of property, drug use, or other illegal activities. If you feel […]

Balance Is Important When It Comes to Teens and Extracurricular Activities

  Extracurricular activities have been proven to have countless benefits for teens. From helping to improve their grades to better behavior in and out of school, as well as positively affecting their mental health. However, pushing your teen too far and too hard during such a stressful time of their lives can cause them to […]