7 Key Ways to Reduce Child Anger

When our children are toddlers, we expect the potential to lash out with anger when they get frustrated or overstimulated. A large part of the toddler meltdown can generally be attributed to them feeling frustrated and simply not having the communication skills needed to get what they need. However, for older children, there is often […]



Should I Be Worried About My Teen Chatting On Discord?

Do you know all of the apps that your teen uses? Today’s teens are incredibly tech-savvy, taking their skills past texting or using their gaming console. There are dozens of social media and chat apps that your teen may be using for various reasons. They may be on Facebook and Instagram posting photos of their […]


Taking Control When You Suspect Your Teen Is Dealing Drugs

It’s one thing to suspect or get confirmation that your teen is using drugs. It can feel like an entirely different and frightening situation if you suspect that your teen is dealing drugs. You may be flooded with questions, worries, anger, and so much more. How do you address this situation? How can you protect […]

How You Should Respond When Your Child Shows Aggression Towards Your Family Pet

When your little one came home from the hospital, you may have had some concerns about how your family pets would cope with this new tiny human. Many pets just need a bit of time to adjust, and they will get along just fine with the new addition to their home. As your child grows, […]

When To Confront Your Teenage Son About Smoking Weed

With so many states making the move to legalize marijuana for medical use and some recreational use, there’s been a noticeable reduction in the stigma surrounding the use of marijuana. For many adults across the country, this might be a positive step in the right direction. For parents, it might prove to be more of […]

Ways To Hold Your Son Accountable

We live in an ever-evolving world of cultural expectations and pressures. One where we should all be held accountable for our behavior, no matter what this looks like for us. As parents of sons, we want to do everything that we can to protect them and ensure that they engage in appropriate behaviors. It can […]