Troubled Teen Programs for Teens Who Self-Harm

Some parents don’t realize that their teenager is self-harming until it is a well-established practice because teenagers are so good at hiding it. However, it’s is never too late to get your child into a troubled teen program for teens who self-harm. While self-harm can be a terrifying thing for a parent to discover about […]

What Is Self Harm?

Self-Harm is diagnostically defined as injuring oneself in order to alleviate or relieve emotional pain or worry. This is most often accomplished by cutting or burning and has increasingly become a coping mechanism for adolescents struggling to deal with extreme levels of stress. The causes behind self-harming behavior are not concrete because there are no specific […]

What To Look For In A Teen Who Self Harms

Why Do Teens Self-Harm? Self-Harm, an increasingly common practice among adolescents, is an attempt to cope with extreme stress or emotional pain. While cutting and burning are the most common types of self-harm practiced by teens, some also pull out hairs, swallow toxic chemicals or even break bones. Much like substance abuse, any teen can […]

What Therapeutic Boarding Schools Do For Teens That Self-Harm

What Is Self Harm? Self-harm is when an individual cause deliberate injury to himself as a way to cope with stress or an attempt to express painful emotions. It is most often accomplished by cutting or burning the skin, but many teens get more creative about how they choose to cause injury. Self-harming behavior is […]

What Causes A Teen To Inflict Self Harm?

Self-Harm is the practice of deliberately causing pain or destroying body tissue in an attempt to escape overwhelming feelings of stress and emotional pain. While self-harm has always been somewhat present in the adolescent scene, it is becoming increasingly more common as a coping mechanism. Because teens go to great lengths to keep their self-harming […]

Parenting Troubled Teens Who Self-Harm

If you have recently discovered that your teen has been participating in self-harming behavior, you are not alone. According to recent studies, around 1 in 10 teens have self-harmed as a way to cope with stress or emotional pain. Self-harm is when individuals deliberately injures themselves, usually through cutting or burning the skin, as a […]

Choosing a Therapeutic Boarding School That Helps Teens Who Self-Harm

Choosing a therapeutic boarding school that helps teens who self-harm is a big responsibility for parents who just want the best care for their child. When parents discover that their teenager has been physically hurting themselves in a non-suicidal way, it is frightening and scary. Fortunately, once troubled teens get the professional help they need […]

School For Troubled Teens Help Turn Lives Around

If your teen has severe behavioral issues and has failed to respond to any of your efforts to help him, it may be time to look into a full time treatment program. Such schools are designed to give troubled teens the intensive care and guidance that they can’t get at home, due to daily triggers […]

Choosing The Best Programs For Troubled Teens

It can be extremely stressful to raise a teen with major behavioral issues and it is discouraging when none of your efforts to help him seem to make an impact. At this point, many parents begin considering full time therapeutic programs; however, some of them, like military schools and boot camps have developed a negative […]

Therapeutic Boarding Schools; Are They Really All They Are Worked Up To Be?

Severe behavioral issues in teens can disrupt healthy development as well as the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships at school and home. Issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, defiance, substance abuse or mental disorders are all struggles that many teens face. If your son is dealing with one or more of these issues, […]