We Restore Families | Troubled Boys

Liahona Academy is known by parents as a premier Residential Treatment Center for troubled boys that specializes in "family restoration".  One of our goals is to heal the family and restore hope.  How do we do it?  We start and finish with family restoration. For more information about enrollment call 855-587-1416. We Restore Families

We serve boys who are struggling with defiance, depression, anxiety, school failure, poor peer choice, susbtance abuse, and other self-harming behaviors.  Liahona is different than the run-of-the-mill residential treatment centers.  We are different from other therapeutic programs because of  the energy and effort we put into healing the family.

We are very proud of the success our students and families have enjoyed over the last decade.  The best way for you to know about Liahona's emphasis toward the family is to hear directly from our past students and parents.  Call today and speak with an Admissions Counselor (855-587-1416).

We truly understand that the adolescent years can be a trying time for some families.  We have worked with thousands of parents, teens, and siblings of troubled teens, and their stories of ultimate success are built on our solid therapeutic approach.

Liahona is the "therapeutic intervention" that has helped literally thousands of kids and families restore their hope.  We help families by giving them a fresh start.  Both the troubled boy and the family are given a healthy time out, and a "new opportunity".


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