From Defiant to Thriving: The Help of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teen Boys

Does this sound like your teenage son? He’s rebellious, angry, argumentative, temperamental, defiant and unmanageable, maybe even violent. He won’t follow rules, or accept responsibility for his behavior. He’s been in trouble with the law and at school.

Does this sound like you? You’re exhausted. You love your son and want to help him, but you just don’t know what else to do. You’ve talked to him, disciplined him, met with school counselors, taken him to therapy, and spent time in court and meeting with lawyers. It’s time to consider sending your son to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teen boys.

What is a therapeutic boarding school?

A therapeutic boarding school is a place that provides therapy, schooling, and a healthy, structured environment for your teen. Although your teen may already be in therapy, he is still surrounded by the same peers and the same situations that have contributed to his problems. At a therapeutic boarding school, he would be in a new environment, without the stresses and peer influence he encounters every day. He would receive daily help with his behavioral, emotional, or mental health issues. He would continue his education. He would learn responsibility and accountability for his actions. He would develop improved social skills and participate in healthy and fun activities.

What do therapeutic boarding schools offer?

Most importantly, therapeutic boarding schools have excellent people – a fully trained and licensed staff. There are psychiatrists, therapists, psychiatric nurses, and support group coordinators to help with each teen’s therapy. There is a certified medical staff to work with mental or physical conditions, and to manage medications, if needed. They do weekly health evaluations. A nutrition specialist designs a healthy nutrition program for teens. There are trained teachers and tutors to help teens with their academic classes and provide added support to students who struggle with learning.

What kinds of therapy?

There are several kinds of personal or individual therapies that help troubled teens by getting at the core issues that have led to their behavior. Trained psychiatrists and therapists determine the best therapy for each teen’s needs. Teens at therapeutic boarding schools also participate in group therapy in which teens discuss their problems, work together and support each other. Teens feel less isolated and realize they are not the only ones with their types of problems. Family therapy is also provided, so that teens and their parents can discuss issues and begin to mend their relationship. Experiential therapy involves group activities that help teens to connect and process their experiences and emotions. Expressing and dealing with emotions is often difficult for teens. There are also follow-up programs with continued therapy through online video sessions or phone calls.

What kind of academics and activities?

Therapeutic boarding schools have a structured, daily routine with therapy, classes, and activities. There are smaller classes and individual tutors for teens who need extra help with their academics. The day’s routine includes daily chores, group therapy meetings and social activities. Staff and mentors share mealtimes with students. These responsibilities and social interactions help teens to build self-esteem and develop social skills. Teens find comfort in the structure offered by the calm, stable, routine at a therapeutic boarding school. There are also recreational and physical fitness activities. Participating in physical activities helps teens release negative energy in appropriate ways. Exercise also releases endorphins, a natural hormone the body produces that makes us feel better.

Check into Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys that provides all of the features described above. Their staff is highly trained and dedicated to helping troubled teens They provide individual, group, and family therapy, as well as experiential therapy. Their medical staff monitors each student’s health. They have an accredited academic program with a personalized academic plan for each student. Teens at Liahona participate in a daily routine of therapy, classes, chores, and recreational activities. Liahona Academy is in Southern Utah, a beautiful, natural setting, where students can enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, water skiing, team sports, and bowling. In this safe, controlled, and supportive environment, your son can receive the help he needs.

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