Group Homes for Troubled Boys

Parents of troubled boys that are in need of therapeutic treatment and behavior modification may be able to find what they are looking for in group homes for troubled boys. Liahona Academy could be the solution you are looking for.

We help troubled boys that struggle with drug or substance abuse, behavioral issues, emotional issues, academic problems, and family issues. For more information on group homes or immediate enrollment call us today at 1-800-675-8101.Group Homes Troubled Boys

Group homes are residential treatment centers that are designed to help troubled boys through their struggles such as abuse of substances, depression, and acting out. Liahona Academy is a smaller facility that provides troubled boys with personalized care and therapeutic treatment.

We support and help troubled boys to find better ways to cope with their issues and help them avoid relapsing. Our program's success speaks for itself.  Call today and ask for parent referrals (past parents and families).

Troubled Boys and the Top Group Homes

Group homes for troubled boys like Liahona Academy can provide positive peer culture (PPC). Positive Peer Culture is the belief that troubled boys can gain self-worth, significance, dignity, and responsibility only as they become committed to the positive values of helping and caring for others. Not only do group homes for troubled boys practice PPC but the staff at Liahona Academy practices it as well. This helps troubled boys have more of a family like environment because everyone works together as one unit.

Staff at Liahona Academy cares about the safety and success of troubled boys. Troubled boys at Liahona Academy are provided with a safe, structured and caring environment in our group home for them to recover and heal from their issues. Group Homes like Liahona Academy can provide long term treatment for troubled boys. If you are the parent of a troubled boy and you are seeking group homes as an option, please call us today at 1-800-675-8101.

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