Our Mission

Liahona Academy is a  Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys. We serve boys at Junior High and High School levels, ages 12-17. Located in Southern Utah, Liahona Academy was developed to help teens that are headed down a destructive path and for families looking for help beyond the typical alternative schools and occasional therapy sessions. Many of our students struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, academic difficulties, poor social skills, ADD, ADHD, and problems with authority. We specialize in helping teens who are determined to make destructive decisions,  regardless of who they are hurting.

We understand the situation that parents have found themselves in when they no longer know how to get through to their teen. We provide an environment where parents and teens can have space for a time which we've found allows the teens to reconnect with different authority figures that they can then build trusting relationships with to receive the therapeutic guidance they're in need of.

Our main objective is to provide teens with the tools they need, to reach the potential they possess. When teen boys are on a destructive path, parents often realize that something different must be done to change their son’s present course. In many instances, intervention in a controlled environment becomes essential. Without a controlled environment, any attempt to intervene becomes invalid by influences from outside sources.

Along with providing the separation and therapeutic treatment these boys are in need of to work through their behavioral and emotional struggles, Liahona Academy provides boys with important social and life skills, personal strength, and confidence through group activities, outdoor therapy, positive peer pressure, and more.

Programs At Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy provides a well-structured program that includes the following:

  • Individualized Academic Instruction - Students work towards better academic standing at a pace designed to help them succeed. Credits they earn at Liahona Academy can transfer back to their junior high school or high school once they've complete our program.
  • Individual & Group Therapy with Licensed Therapists - Boys can build new, trusting relationships with licensed therapists who are specifically trained to work with troubled youth.
  • Personal Development Course & Seminars - Youth at Liahona Academy not only learn the skills they need to handle the troubles they face with their behavioral disorders, they learn important life and social skills to help them become capable men who can contribute positively to families and their communities.
  • Daily Behavior Evaluations - We help our boys to look inward, recognize their behavior, and take responsibility for their actions. Then they have a better understanding of how to make corrections and handle themselves in troubling sittuations.
  • Daily Physical Fitness in Conjunction with Nutritional Education & Fitness Training - Liahona Academy knows that physical health greatly contributes to emotional health, especially for males. By learning to take care of their bodies, they gain a tool that will help them cope with emotional trials that come aboutin the future.
  • Weekly Leadership Training Workshops - Boys at Liahona Academy are motivated to not only take care of themselves, but to take care of others and to be leaders in their social groups and communities.
  • Group Activities - Including hiking, water skiing, swimming, and fishing within Southern Utah at Zion National Park.
  • Vocational Training – Which also includes entrepreneurial education with the opportunity to start their own business when eligibility is earned.
  • Weekly Service Projects Within the Community - Cleaning up the community, helping local businesses, and projects to help people in need.

Therapy For Teens At Our Residential Treatment Center

We use proven effective therapy modalities to achieve our overall goal to teach students how to overcome behavioral problems, build inner strength,  and develop good problem solving and communication skills.

The boys are regularly working through individual therapy sessions that help them to gain greater insight into their behavior. Individual therapy also allows them to build a trusting relationship with their counselor at Liahona Academy. In this trusting, safe, and private environment, boys find it easier to sort out problems that may be too difficult for them to talk about in front of their peers in a group therapy. Though, they do regularly participate in group therapy sessions. This includes special interest groups, leadership training groups, drug abuse treatment, anger management, educational lectures, positive peer groups, and victim awareness groups. Family therapy sessions are offered at the transitional point of the Program, when a student is nearing the time of returning home, so there are no residual issues that are left unresolved.

Liahona's Accredited Academics

Liahona Academy’s accredited academic program and fully licensed teaching staff provides your child with an individualized and positive learning environment. Due to the design of our curriculum, students may study and learn at their own speed. This gets rid of the typical schools settings that either slow their development or push them along too quickly in their learning.  Liahona Academy has a reputation for accommodating a wide variety of learning styles by using various teaching strategies from room study to hands on learning. Any credits earned at Liahona Academy will transfer back to your son’s high school. We also work with those that have Individual Education Plans or need one.

Transporting Your Teen To Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy’s in-house staff and affiliated resources can help you with the hardest step in your child’s recovery, getting him to the treatment facility. We are experts at safely picking up and transporting your child from your home, or current residence to Liahona Academy. Let Liahona Academy make this process a smooth transition.

Amenities At Liahona

Liahona Academy is located in a serene valley at the foot of Zion Canyon. We are committed to making your child’s recovery experience as pleasant as possible. Choosing Utah’s beauty and remote location allows your child to completely settle into the structure of the program. It also puts your child far from the temptations of the outside world and away from conveniences found close to home.

Your child will be housed in a controlled environment promoting family style living and values. Three square meals are served daily by our nutrition specialist, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s health.

Follow up Programs For Students Who Complete Their Stay At Liahona Academy

Ensuring your child's rehabilitation is our foremost concern. During the critical transition that occurs when the student returns home after completing our program, our staff will continue to be in contact with your family via the phone and written correspondence to facilitate the best transition possible.