​Addressing Anger Issues In Teen Boys

Seeing the expressions of anger in our teenage sons can be heartbreaking and sometimes terrifying. As they get older they become harder to control and a teenager with a rage problem can cause a lot of strife and damage in a home. Managing those triggers can feel like an impossible feat, especially if you feel you have tried everything before.

What can you do? It might be time for some intensive behavioral modification.

What Is Behavioral Modification?

Behavioral modification is a style of therapy that works by giving the patient the tools they need to make real-time changes to their behavior. Most of this has to do with recognizing and learning to control emotions that can be overwhelming for the person who is suffering from anger triggers.

Through mindfulness, your son will be asked to learn the signs of rising anger. Then he will be given methods to help him manage them. This can be a long process and requires a lot of time and work. But it is a worthwhile endeavor that can completely change your son’s life and his ability to cope through stressful or challenging times.

How Does Behavioral Modification Work?

Behavioral modification, especially for anger triggers, is about replacing negative behaviors with more healthy, positive ones. Most techniques use positive reinforcement to encourage these behaviors, which has been found to be more effective than negative reinforcement, something your child has likely faced through punishments for their acting out in the past.

Using this treatment technique, your son will be forced to address not only what he is feeling in moments of rage, but recognize the source of it. By facing discomfort and acknowledging its source, it takes away the power of the amount and gives them more control.

Where Can My Son Learn Behavioral Modification?

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers both provide this service for most of their residents/students, making them a more desirable option than those that focus more on medication.

As a top residential treatment center, Liahona Treatment Center offers and utilizes this type of treatment as a part of the process of healing for troubled teens. Contact Liahona today to learn more.

Your Son Can Learn To Control His Temper

You may feel helpless in the face of your son’s rage but he can learn to control himself. Behavioral modification and therapeutic options exist to give him both insight and power over the difficult things he is feeling.

Learn more at Liahona Academy.

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