​Is a Boarding School the Same as a Residential Treatment Center?

You have been working with your teen for years but the situation just gets more out of control by the day. They are acting out, depressed, perhaps using substances and battling addiction. You are at the end of your rope. What can be done?

If you have been struggling to help your child but nothing seems to be having an effect, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution. For many troubled teens this will mean a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school. But are they the same thing? Does it matter which you choose for your teenager?

Residential Treatment Centers

A residential treatment center is an entirely treatment based environment that allows patients to be admitted for periods of time, anywhere from a few days to several months. The staff work with patients to help them overcome addiction, deal with mental health issues and stabilize medical conditions.

One of the benefits of a residential treatment center is that it is entirely dedicated to specific conditions and staff is medically trained. It is a secure environment where patients are monitored at all times, so appropriate for suicidal patients or those who are a danger to themselves or others.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

A therapeutic boarding school is only half treatment focused. The other half is dedicated to providing academic assistance to help tutor students to get them back on track in school. They have both medically trained and academically trained staff on hand to offer a more rounded approach to treatment.

When your student is better prepared to return to a school setting they will be capable of making more progress and keeping up with their peers. That is good for their future, their self esteem, their stress level and their overall mental health.

Why a Boarding School May Be The Better Option

Residential treatment centers are good for specific problems that are putting your child at risk, in the short term. For example, they may want to join a treatment program if they are struggling with substance abuse or major depressive or mental health issues. However, it isn’t always a long term solution because it doesn’t teach them to cope with lifelong problems or work on other aspects, like their academic performance.

A therapeutic boarding school deals with both so they can work on their mental and emotional health, cope with their stress, get to the core of their struggles and improve academic performance all at once. It is done over the course of an entire school year, so their environment is stable.

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