​Preparing For Your First Family Visit To A Residential Treatment Center

The other shoe has dropped. Your child has been struggling for awhile and the situation has become dire enough to require inpatient treatment. You are planning to admit them to a residential treatment center as they begin to manage their conditions full time and you aren’t sure of what to do.

Your first step is usually a family trip to the center in order to see what it is your child will be doing during their stay. Here is how to prepare for the trip.

Make a List of Questions As a Family

You probably have several logistics questions on your mind. Sometimes questions that are more personal in nature can get lost in the mix. What will your child be doing day to day? How many people are usually in a therapy group? Can they call you any time or are there set times only? What kind of topics are usually discussed in therapy sessions and what about religious concerns? Will they have time to do fun things while there?

Sit down with your family and put together a list of items to discuss during the visit. Make sure the child being admitted has a chance to ask their own.

Find Out About Personal Items

What personal items are allowed at the residential treatment center? Every center has prohibited items that the require to have off the floor at all times. Some will allow them to bring a pillow or blanket with them (some do not, due to bedbugs concerns), brushes, makeup, books, art supplies, stuffed animals, ect.

Be sure you double check the items allowed before packing them for your child or bringing them on a visit. If an item is not allowed they will be confiscated and held until the child is released, at which point it will be returned at the time of discharge.

Start Working Out Financial Plans

Paying for a residential treatment center can be extremely stressful. Make sure you have a plan in place from the beginning. Find out if your insurance will cover the whole or part of the program. Set up a payment plan for whatever is not covered.

Administration at residential treatment centers are dedicated to the care and healing of your child. They are able to work with families to find a solution that works for them. In some cases, they may enact a short stay to stabilize teens on medication or care plans, then release them and continue outpatient therapy.

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