3 Opportunities For Teaching Your Son Discipline

There has been a lot of talk lately about boot camps. The idea seems to be that teenagers, especially those with behavioral problems, need to have everything brute forced and stomped out of them. Boot camps offer that through hard work, stringent rules and a lot of screaming by a drill sergeant.

Here is the only problem: boot camps have never been proven effective. In fact, rehabilitation programs have routinely been found to be a better option for those who are struggling with problems such as substance abuse, anger issues, acting out, criminal behavior and sexual promiscuity.

If you are reading this, you are probably worried about teaching your son discipline without going to extreme measures. There are three pretty common opportunities you can use that don’t require a single obstacle course or military academy.

The Rushed Project

Your teen comes home and says they have a science project due the next day. They knew about it for months and have put it off. Now they are panicking and so are you.

The Lesson: Let them fail. Sure, they can cram in the last minute attempt if they so choose. But if they don’t you can have them write an apology letter to their teacher explaining that they did not do the project with a promise to do the next one diligently and to accept the failed grade. Don’t bail them out.

The Big Lie

Your son has been caught in a lie and not a small one...it is a doozy.

The Lesson: Set out a punishment fitting the crime, one that is going to be considered harsh by your son. Ground them from everything, from electronics to going out with friends. Change the WIFI password and lock them out of the network. Take away most of their belongings. And have a serious conversation about lying and its consequences.

The Future Plans

Your teenager has a desired career goal but has done nothing to work towards it. You know that unless they get serious they will never get there.

The Lesson: Make them start working for it. Expect your son to begin taking steps now to work towards that goal. They can sign up for a program or an internship. They can get a low level job in the industry. They can take part in a school club or improve their grades.

If they are struggling with all of these lessons, or if you need additional help, it may be time for intervention. Visit Liahona Academy to learn more.

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