5 Activities Which Encourage Personal Growth

This is not going to be an astonishing list. When I started writing it I wanted to be totally honest and provide the five activities that I really, truly believed would spark personal growth. Those five activities turned out to be so cliche and standard that I wondered if I should even bother to write them down.

But then I thought, “Are they really cliche, though? Or are they just universally true?” Thinking to each item on this list I will admit that I sometimes need a reminder to take part in them myself. Which leads me to believe that at the very least there are others like me that need a kick in the pants.

With that said, these are five honest (if obvious) activities that will really help you to grow as a person. No self-help gimmicks, no tricks, not even therapy, just simple tasks anyone can do.

  1. Open a Book - Our world can be a cold and unfeeling one. We are so busy thinking of ourselves that others, especially those who are behind a screen, don’t factor into our day to day. But a study back in 2013 found that reading literary fiction can actually increase empathy. In other words, cracking open a book on a regular basis - already an enjoyable activity - can make you a better person.
  2. Get Out Into Nature - You don’t have to go on a two month trek across the Appalachian Trail, don’t worry. But getting out into the fresh air and connecting to the world around you is a fantastic way to gain a bit of perspective. A nice walk out somewhere isolated will leave you alone with your thoughts, without constant distractions. You may find yourself much more relaxed and at ease with your life.
  3. Spend Time With The “Other Guy” - A recent initiative was sparked by some local imams around the country. They started opening up their mosques to non-Muslims for community nights where they provided dinner and a chance to meet others from nearby neighborhoods. Many people attended and learned more about a culture that they didn’t know about before, allowing them to grow past the fear and hatred that has been building for the past decade and a half.
  4. Learn Something Practical - You should never stop learning. But if what you are learning has no real application in your life you may be robbing yourself of an opportunity to grow with a new skill. Have you wanted to take up sewing? Cooking? DIY furniture building? Gardening? Learning something practical is amazing for giving a boost to your life.
  5. Do Something New - We all have a tendency to settle into our comfort zones and not want to get out of them. But stretching and challenging ourselves is how we improve and it is important to do so regularly. Try something new, even if it is scary. You will be glad you did.

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