8 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Struggling Son

8 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Struggling SonIt can be very difficult to get through to teens, because they can often become very cut off and distant, but there are 8 tips that can help parents in improving communication with their struggling son. If you and your child don’t have good communication with one another, it can lead them to some bad behavior, but there are ways to overcome the issue.

If your struggling son needs help improving his communication skills or has any other sort of behavioral or mental health problem, the right kind of treatment can help them improve. Liahona Academy specializes in helping teens learn to communicate more effectively, so call us for assistance at 1-855-587-1416.

8 Recommendations for You and Your Child

1 - Find Common Ground - If you can find something that you and your child have in common with each other to talk about, they are likely to open up.
2 - Fun Setting - Doing something fun together puts everyone in a better mood, and therefore more likely to talk to one another.
3 - Don’t Be Too Pushy - If your child feels that you are forcing him to discuss what he doesn’t want to, he will shut down even faster.
4 - Start Small - It takes time to work into the bigger and more personal issues. If you start by discussing the smaller, day-to-day things that go on, you can ease into a more open relationship.
5 - Bring Up Things That Interest Them - Be sure to introduce topics that they find interesting so that they are more enthusiastic about conversing with you.
6 - Establish Trust - Teens don’t want to feel that they will be judged or attacked for what they share, so let them know they can trust and open up to you.
7 - Open Up About Yourself - Sharing your own feelings, worries, and thoughts will make your son more at ease, and likely to do the same.
8 - Listening - Parents who bombard their kids with questions and opinions and don’t take time to listen make the relationship more strained.

Getting Assistance With Liahona Academy

Communication is one of the most important parts of having a healthy relationship and keeping a kid on the right track. Liahona Academy emphasizes this importance in our program, especially through our use of family therapy. If you are interested in how we assist young men, give us a call at 1-855-587-1416.

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