Adolescent Drug Treatment Programs

The time of transition between adolescents and adulthood can be challenging and confusing for teens. There can often be experimentation in activities like substance (drugs, alcohol, etc.) use that can lead to devastating results for your growing adolescent. Drug treatment programs can be helpful to these teens and should be carefully considered and researched. Liahona Academy is a residential treatment center that has developed effective drug treatment programs. To learn more about Liahona Academy and drug treatment programs, call us today at 1-855-587-1416.

Not all drug treatment programs can provide the wanted results for your adolescent and that is why it is so important to fully examine the situation. In the early adolescent years, parents should Drug Treatment Programs | Adolescentsbecome aware of the common warning signs of substance abuse and addiction. This could make the difference between handling the issue and quickly reversing the effects and watching your child struggle with an addiction that ruin or possibly end their lives.

Signs Your Adolescent May Be Struggling With Substance Abuse

Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
Deteriorating physical appearances
Withdrawn from social or important events
Unexplained need for money or secretive spending habits
Sudden changes in location or friends
Increased personal problems or legal issues
Change in attitude or personality
Neglecting responsibilities

If you are the parent of a teen frequently showing some of the signs listed above, it is time to take action. Start with discussing the issue with your adolescent and convey feelings of love and understanding. Finding the root cause of drug use (big or small) in your teen is key to locating the correct form of treatment. For struggling adolescents that have progressed further into their addiction drug treatment programs offered in residential treatment centers, like Liahona Academy, are highly recommended.

Drug Treatment Programs for Struggling Adolescents at Liahona Academy

As a residential treatment center, Liahona Academy can treat many different kinds personal issues in adolescents, including drug abuse and addiction. We are effective because we incorporate therapeutic activities that help these adolescents to not only overcome their issues, but also grow as an individual and learn skills to help ease the struggle of transition into adulthood. Our staff will help your struggling child to learn to deal with their personal issues without resulting to hazardous behaviors.

Liahona Academy’s drug treatment programs can produce great results for your adolescent and assist them in continuing their recovery even after they leave our facility. We want to help you and your family grow together. Call Liahona Academy at 1-855-587-1416 and ask about our drug treatment programs.

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