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Alcoholism and Teenage BoysLiahona Treatment Center is a residential treatment center for teenage boys. We provide a spectrum of quality services for teenage boys who suffer with alcoholism. Liahona Treatment Center provides a last hope for young alcoholics who have run out of options. We are dedicated to providing the perfect catalyst for comprehensive rehabilitation in your struggling child. If you have a teenage boy that is dealing with alcoholism, please call Liahona Treatment Center at 855-587-1416 to speak to a professional Admissions Specialist. We can help!

Teenage boys, today, are being exposed to alcohol at an early age and it is an easy lure. Although most boys under age 14 have not yet begun to drink, adolescence is a time of risk for beginning to experiment with alcohol. Teenage boys are more vulnerable than any other age group to developing alcohol addictions because the regions of the adolescent brain that govern impulse and motivation are not yet fully formed. Couple this with not having the ability to communicate about their feelings.

Teenage boys use alcohol for many reasons. Usually, they do it because they want to fit in socially, they want to be more grown up or they like the way alcohol makes them feel. Some of them do it because it seems exciting. For teenage boys, alcohol is the number one drug of choice. That means, they use alcohol more often and heavily than all other drugs combined. Alcohol is a mood-altering drug. It’s power not only affects the mind and body in unpredictable ways, but teenage boys lack the judgment and coping skills to handle alcohol wisely. This sometimes results in alcoholism.

Accidents like traffic crashes, drowning, suicide and homicide are the major causes of death among teenage boys and they are a lot of times alcohol related. Teens who use alcohol are more likely to become sexually active at earlier ages. Boys who drink are more likely than others to be victims of violent crimes. They are more likely to have problems in other areas like relationship skills, physical independence, school work and negative self-esteem. Alcohol abuse may lead to difficulty in building relationships or even holding down a job.

Parents, if you notice changes in your child’s mood and behavior, you may suspect your teenage boy is using alcohol. You may notice changes in his friends, grades and attitude toward school. Especially, if you smell smell alcohol on your child’s breath or clothing, it may point towards a problem with alcohol.

If you suspect that your teenage boy is dealing with alcohol addiction, please know that you are not alone; we can help. Call the Admissions Specialist at Liahona Treatment Center855-587-1416 for further assistance.

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