All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys in Nevada

Caring parents of teenage boys do everything they can to ensure their child is healthy, happy and leading a good life. However, when boys turn to negative behaviors and start to make bad choices that get them into trouble, they need to get some professional help. Liahona Academy is a leading all boys boarding school that gives families a chance to recover from difficult problems or issues they cannot handle on their own. Emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues can't be ignored or punished away--they are issues that need the specialized services of an all boys boarding schools for troubled boys in Nevada.

Liahona Academy is an excellent alternative to all boys boarding schools in Nevada, so call us today for more information at 855-587-1416.

Why Liahona Academy?

Liahona Academy is proud of its successful track record of helping troubled teen boys go from stubborn to successful and rebellious to right on track. With 20 years of experience in adolescent boarding school programs, Liahona Academy knows what it takes to reach boys. Our licensed, experienced staff members develop personal relationships with students, and the positive peer pressure that new boys receive helps to influence their behavior.

Our beautiful scenic location makes it easy for parents to choose to enroll their teens in our school. Don't limit yourself to all boys boarding schools in Nevada when there is a highly successful program like Liahona Academy just across the border.

Numerous Benefits of Our Nevada Boarding School Alternative

The teenage years are vital years of growing for teenage boys and if your teen son is dealing with a problem or issue he needs help to gain an understanding of what he is facing so that he may live life to the fullest. Liahona Academy provides help to troubled boys suffering from numerous different problems.

Liahona Academy staff members are properly licensed and experienced in dealing with adolescent issues like depression, mental disorders, substance abuse/addiction, behavioral problems, defiance, narcissism, academic issues, anxiety, abuse trauma and much more.

At Liahona Academy, we focus on 3 important areas in the development of teen boys:

Academics. We offer comprehensive classes taught by certified teachers. Class sizes are small so each boy receives the individualized help he needs. We work with them to earn the credits they need to earn a high school diploma.

Therapy. Our licensed marriage and family therapist provides group and individual counseling sessions for each troubled teen. The therapist has experience specifically with adolescents and works with them to address issues such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, abuse trauma and more.

Health and wellness. Our recreation therapy program includes nutrition, fitness and fun. From boating and hiking to camping and more, students at Liahona Academy learn to set goals, build relationships, learn new hobbies and look and feel great. In no time, they replace negative thoughts and behaviors with positive ones.

We encourage you to check out all that Liahona Academy can do for your family and really consider us as an alternative to any all boys boarding schools in Nevada you may be looking at.

Statistics on Teens Who May Need Schools for Troubled Boys In Nevada

When teen boys don't get professional treatment for behavioral, emotional or mental health issues, it could mean that they start to participate in high-risk behaviors. Far more than typical teen rebellion, at-risk teen behavior can be destructive, harmful and even dangerous. Below, you’ll find a few statistics that reflect teenage at-risk behavior in Nevada to be aware of:

  • Substance abuse: 26% of Nevada teens abuse alcohol and 11% admit to binge drinking. 37% have tried marijuana, at least once and 4-5% admit to misusing painkillers and trying cocaine.
  • Suicide: Nevada ranks 10th among the nation for suicide, and is the leading cause of death for Nevadans ages 12-19.
  • ADD/ADHD: Approximately 4.2% of Nevada's children are diagnosed annually with ADHD.
  • Juvenile crime: A 2017 Department of Justice report stated that there were 199 juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 116 for robbery, 421 for larceny, 269 for drug offences and 62 for weapons violations.
  • Teen pregnancy: Nevada ranks 14th in the nation for teen pregnancy rates with 2,094 births to women between 15 and 19 in 2016.
  • High school graduation: Currently, Nevada has a 71% graduation rate.

Liahona Academy is an all boys boarding school where troubled boys can find the help they need to recover from any problem or issue they are facing.

Liahona Academy is a Top Boarding School for Troubled Boys from Nevada

Through traditional therapy, recreational hands-on therapy, daily academic support and other life skills programs your son will gain an understanding of the problems he is dealing with and learn the skills and tools needed to stop negative and destructive behavior. Our goal is to encourage every teen boy that comes to us to live life to the fullest. Our Utah location is convenient to parents and boys from Nevada, as we are just over the border from the Silver State. Thanks to Utah's strict laws about teen help programs, you can feel confident that we exceed some of the highest standards in the country.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to all Nevada parents seeking all boys boarding schools for troubled boys in Nevada. Please call today and start the enrollment process at 855-587-1416.

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Las Vegas, Reno, Paradise, Henderson, Spring Valley, Sunrise, Manor, North Las Vegas, Carson, Sparks, Pahrump, Boulder City, Sun Valley, Elko, Enterprise, Ranchos, Gardnerville, Mesquite, Spring Creek, Incline, Spanish Springs and Winnemucca

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