All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Virginia

Parents of troubled teens in Virginia can find the professional therapy and academic structure their children need from all boys boarding schools. When faced with behavioral, emotional or mental health issues that are affecting their day-to day-lives, teenage boys can definitely benefit from the therapeutic programs offered at all boys boarding schools. Liahona Academy is an all boys treatment center for boys in Virginia that has a long history of success and more than 15 years of experience in treating troubled youth. Teen boys who are getting into troubled need all the help they can get, so parents shouldn't delay in making arrangements.

If you want more information on how Liahona Academy can help your son and other troubled boys in Virginia, today at 855-587-1416 for more information.

Why The Services At Liahona Academy Is Best For Boys From Virginia?

Residential Treatment Centers or therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Virginia are not the same. In fact, there can be a wide range of standards and treatment philosophies. Another thing for parents like you to consider is that there are vastly differing rules and laws from state to state that regulate the teen help industry. What may be allowed in one state is not in another. As a parent, you want your teen son in a treatment center with the highest standards, so that you can be sure he is getting the best help and the greatest chance of success. Liahona Academy is the answer to your problem.

Liahona Academy is located in Utah, which is a state with one of the highest standards when it comes to the teen support industry. The laws and regulations in place in Utah are much higher than most other states, and that gives parents peace of mind when they choose Liahona Academy. Because we exceed the state standards and laws in every way, you can rest assured that your son is in capable, experienced hands. With 15 years of experience and hundreds of success stories, Liahona Academy is the right place to enroll your troubled teen son.

Troubled Teens in Virginia Seek Help from All Boys Boarding Schools

The teenage years are sensitive years that form character and work habits, and when growing teen boys are faced with emotional, behavioral or mental health problem that they cannot overcome on their own, that problem can have a negative effect on them. When faced with such issues such as substance abuse/addiction, behavioral disorders, defiance, problems at school, mood/thought disorders, mental disorders, narcissism, negative peer relationships, ADD/ADHD, depression or any other problem that is impacting their life, all boys boarding schools can provide teen boys the help they need.

There are both short-term and long-term teen help programs. Some of the short-term programs, like wilderness camps and boot camps, are a good way to start boys on the path to healing, but won't lead to long-lasting change because the programs are generally only 2 to 3 months. Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth are better for long-term healing. With lots of benefits included in enrollment, boarding schools for troubled boys in Virginia are the right place for teens who need help.

Here are 5 things that all boys boarding schools for troubled boys in Virginia provide:

  1. Structure. Boarding school facilities are staffed with caring workers who mentor youth and work with them in a group home or dorm setting. With a routine schedule and plenty of supervision, teen boys learn to depend on the structure and stability that the school brings to their lives. Staff members of all positions offer support and discipline that the teens need to face each challenge.
  2. Therapy. Licensed and experienced professionals give individual and group counseling sessions as part of the program. Through therapeutic treatment, teen boys learn to deal with specific challenges and work on how to approach stress in a healthy way.
  3. Academics. Every troubled teen boy will have access to a licensed teacher to get up to grade level and even earn a high school diploma. Besides core subjects, many schools expand into other subjects to ensure teens are well-rounded.
  4. Extracurricular. When it comes to developing new talents, boosting self-esteem and more, extracurricular activities definitely have a place at therapeutic boarding schools. Sports, drama, music, art and more are examples of extra programs designed to help boys learn and grow.
  5. Life Skills. Moving from adolescence to adulthood requires certain life skills and therapeutic boarding schools provide those chances. Teens are taught a range of skills, from budgeting and cooking to how to interview for a job. They learn how to be on their own, so the transition from teen to adult is the best it can be.

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Virginia are truly one of the best things that parents can do. Liahona Academy has a long record of success, and we've helped hundreds of families grow together instead of apart and heal instead of hurt.

Issues With Teens Who Don't Get Help From Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth In Virginia

When teens struggle with their emotional, behavioral or mental health issues for a long time and don't get the therapy they desperately need, it can lead to big problems. When parents of troubled teen boys allow the bad behavior to go on, things start to get worse as the teens slide deeper and deeper into risky behavior. What may start as some innocent fun or a typical teen rebellion can transform into serious issues with lifelong consequences.

Here are just a few of the issues that teens in Virginia are dealing with:

  • Alcohol use: 16% of Virginia teens abuse alcohol and 10% are binge drinking.
  • Drug use: 6.3% of Virginia teens use marijuana and 4.9% use other illicit drugs
  • Juvenile arrests: In one year, there were 865 arrests for property crime and 142 arrests for violent crime
  • Suicide: Virginia ranks 41st in the nation for teen suicides
  • Graduation rates: Virginia has an 82% high school graduation rate

No parent wants to see their child become a statistic, so do something right now to intervene in this downward spiral. We want you to know that at Liahona Academy, we treat each boy like the unique individual he is. Every boy deserves a second chance and there are plenty of opportunities at our school to turn things around. If you feel that your son could benefit from the therapeutic program offered at Liahona Academy, then we want to talk to you sooner rather than later.

Liahona Academy Provides Help to Troubled Teens in Virginia

Liahona Academy is a licensed residential treatment center that provides help to troubled teens in Virginia. The professional staff at Liahona Academy will be available to your son at all times in order to provide support, supervision and mentoring throughout all aspects and challenges of life. All the troubled teen boys in our school will participate in traditional therapy, recreational hands-on therapy, daily challenges and an unsurpassed academics program.

We strongly recommend Liahona Academy to troubled teens in Virginia seeking recovery from all boys boarding schools. We are confident that after the duration of the recovery program, your son will gain not only an understanding of the problems he is facing but a new positive outlook on life. Please, call Liahona Academy today at 855-587-1416.

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